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    i live in western massachusetts. i'll tell you: you struck a cord in me when you said that spring and fall are the only 2 seasons tolerable.

    they are SO ENJOYABLE!!! the summer is the absolute most miserable time for me, and has gotten increasingly worse the past 3 years or so. i find that it's more difficult to 'escape' the heat and awful humidity effects than it is to bundle up and just be logical during the winter.

    don't get me wrong: i've suffered terribly in winter but for some strange and wonderful reason, i've been mainly unaffected with the deep colds we've had so far.

    my fingers are crossed. for you as well.

    how do you fare specifically during the summer? how much of a problem is humidity in your area?

    i know this is an old post but found it and needed to respond to ya!

    hope your holiday was a nice one....
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    I live in Central Cali. so our summer highs can hit 110 to 115 easily.. Horrible heat.. But for me it's better than winter.. It doesn't even get that cold here.. We might have a month or so that you have to scrape the ice off your window in the morning.. but we don't get snow or anything like that.. We get Swamp Fog that chills your bones.. but the winter is tough.. I have raynaulds so my hands and feet are a mess right now.. My joints ache more.. I'm miserable all winter!
    I have to agree.. Spring and Fall are the two tolerable seasons!!
    Hope you had a nice holiday too!