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    I've been reading and want to start some supplements to see if they well help. I've read about so many on here i'm confused as to where to start.
    I'm interested in the ZMA, Kelp, Coral Calcium, and something for arthritis.Can someone please give me some adive as to where to start and how big a dosage to take of these.
    I know Shirl takes something for the arthritis but I have trouble finding things on
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.......God Bless.....KADEE
  2. PatPalmer

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    The best place to start really is with your diet.

    I mean basically, consider everything that you put into your mouth. It`s no good having processed ready crap and thinking supplements will make things right. You need to eat whatever comes naturally for the nutrician and also digestion.

    We are what we eat and if that includes lots of white bread and pasta, you`re going to have problems.

    Our system reacts to what goes in, which includes smoking. Too much Coffee and diet drink + sweetners will do a lot of harm for CFS sufferers too.

    Drinking lots of water really is a must, it helps the body flush out toxins clears your head and gives more energy too, I didn`t used to believe this till I tried it myself, it really works.

    So once you`re on this protocol, you must also try and rest as much as possible, eliminate as much stress as you can and only actively do what is within your limits, don`t push it.

    I take supplements - lots, but you may not need the ones I am on:- It`s a minefield !!!

    Be sure to have good quality recommended products, so be guided by what Pro-Health have to offer.

    Multivitamin & Minerals (slow release)
    Evening Primrose Oil
    Magnesium with calcium & Zinc
    Vitamin C(slow release)
    and at the moment Olive leaf Extract to hopefully help with my achy joints, and rid my system of a bacteria I think I may have picked up from my daughter. Who has had CFS for 4 yrs. (getting much better now)

    There is a lot to take in so I suggest you do one at a time, read up all you can and try to educate yourself. I have been told that your body only absorbes half of it anyway so if over the max dose - should be OK.
    Some you can`t take all the time either, so be sure to do the research first.

    Good luck it takes time, they won`t cure you overnight, give yourself max a couple of years, and you should see improvement.

    Love Pat.
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    Sorry it took so long for me to get to you. I got bumped off my computer today, and couldn't remember for the life of me who asked about the arthritis! I have been reading and answering posts all evening hopeing I would run into this post! Its 12;15am, and I finally found you!

    What I used and my husband for arthritis is 'Glucosamine and Chondroitin', it works like a miracle for me and my husband. It is sold here at Pro Health. There is also another brand that is wonderful too, its called; 'Joint Fuel' by Twinlab. Most health food stores carry this brand.

    There is a wonderful book on called; 'The Arthritis Cure' that is where I found out about the above supplement. I can't remember the authors name (I loaned the book to my daughter), but the bookstore will be able to find it for you. His name is way out! If you want it I will call her tomorrow and get the name for you.

    As for the ZMA, it is the greatest for sleep, pain and bowel movements! I take two capsules at night for sleep, no side effects at all. You can read more about it at the 'Store' link at the top of this page.

    I do not take the calcium as I am a big dairy product eater/drinker. I get enough calcium with milk, yogurt and Ensure, real butter, and real homemade cream cheese.

    But we have had a lot of people here getting good results from Coral Calcium, which Pro Health is also selling the 'Barefoot' brand now. Much cheaper than the on tv.

    I used to take Kelp years ago, but honestly don't remember for what!

    If you want a whole list of what I do take, I will cut and past it for you from a previous post. Let me know.

    Take care, and if I can help anymore, just ask.