been sick as a dog for 2yrs/need info on MP and LP

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    I've been debilitated w/fatigue, pain and weakness for 2 years. i also now suffer from severe insomnia and depression/anxiety...never ever an issue prior to becoming ill.

    anyway i test positve, for lyme and all the co-infections, cpn, myco and have h viral titres to all the common viruses.

    i also have extremely low vitd and hi vit 125,d.

    i'm treated by 2 very good llmd's with abx, herbs, supplemnts, etc....yet i'm still sick as a DOG.

    i'm desparate to improve. my latest venture is to try the marsall protocol. i started on the benicar on sunday nite.

    i am also researching the lightning process. looks promising and it can't hurt (no nasty drugs).

    anyway i'm just looking for some support and/or advice.

    warmest regards, lisa
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    Dr. Sujay who used to post on this board...had CFS herself as well as her son, has 150 patients with CFS on the MP. She very closely monitors them. Her nurse told me this.

    I tried the MP, felt the best on benicar and the first abx. But due to unforeseen circumstances (mother's death, etc.) had to stop. I no longer have a doc who is willing to work with the MP.

    The MP has done so much for so many. Yet, many have had to quit.

    This is not "support or advice" but "info", so you can make your own best decision.


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    At the end of my own rope...

    Cannot do what others want or expect me to do. Just because they don't "ask" me to do something that feeling is still there.

    Had it out with my mom but still I get stuck cooking a dinner (with food hubby bought) I would not have normally cooked, she'll ask if there's anything she can do to help then walks away. She's the first to get her plate filled (paper plates that hubby buys) then leaves everything in the kitchen the way it is for us to clean up!

    I'M the one with a very limited amount of time in the day, I'm the one that is in pain every single minute of every day.

    Hubby works hard all day, works around the house for things she wants/needs to get done. She sits all day in front of a computer with a government job, great benefits.

    Received new health ins. cards in mail yesterday, co pays went up & coverage went WAY down.

    I can't keep up with the medical research or to learn about what I need to be tested for. No one can live in my body for even a day so the people surrounding me don't "get it." They should be helping me out as much as they can but still those expectations are there.

    I just want all of this to go away! I HAVE to make money but haven't been capable. Am I doomed to live like this the rest of my life, cause seriously it isn't worth it.
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    thanks for the info on dr. sujay and mp. do you know how to contact dr. sujay. i have doc to work with, but would like to talk with someone who has so many patients succesfully on the mp.

    also why do so many ppl drop out of mp?

    tx, lisa
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    Yes, I do have Dr. Sujay's #. Or at least what it was during the last year.

    Dr. Susan Shlifer,M.D.
    Family Practice

    As to why ppl have dropped out, I am trying to rack my brain to remember and I am not coming up with specific reasons. I would say a garden variety.... I will say that I watched a DVD of their conference in Chicago from last year.

    There was a woman doc (not Sujay), who got up and remarked about the MP really taking a good 4-5 years. Maybe that is why ppl drop out. The length of time it takes.

    I was on it 10 months. I was ready to do the whole thing. Looking back, it really wasn't Mother's death ( tx for the sympathy,) it was that a man who knew how to repair older homes had finished working on the house next door and we really needed things done here. Things that just could not be done in the DARK. (lol) Like rewiring.

    This man is brilliant, talks alot and works slow...he is finishing his last project this weekend. 11 months later.
    Thank God.

    Hope you get some good info from Sujay's nurse.