?been sick since 12-26 help/or do any of u need antibiotics to get well

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    I have a Naturalpathic (sp) Dr and I have been sick since Dec 26 he prescribed Maitake D fraction to build my immune system which I think typically are a good thing to take. But it seems my immune system sucks and everytime I get sick I can't get better without antibiotics. Do any of you face the same problem or do you have any suggestions. This is getting really old. My sister lives in canada and she told me about Cold-FX so I will be trying that.
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    Thanks for the reply. I am like you and I take Grapeseed everyday however it does not have pycnogenol in it. I can try Echineaca I went through a whole box of Oscillococcioum. My sister told me about Cold-FX you can only get it in canada so I ordered it from Amazon.com and I am waiting for it she swears by it. My naturalpathic dr prescriped Maitake D Fraction (the ultimate Immune Enhancer) I been taking that three times a day. It is a mushroom extract it has good reviews. Does it take you a long time to kick illness as it always does me no matter what I take.
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    I repeated myself a few times. Cognitive problems sorry.
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    Probably need to see a doc for help. But this is fairly new product to building the
    immune systems against bacteria, viruses and fungi, yeast and protozoa.

    It doesn't interfere with meds. Even you dog (if you have one) can take it.


    This product was told to me at this board by CelticLaddie. She said to start low like
    at a child's dose and build up by adding 3 pellets at a time each week. I have been
    able to do it faster than that

    I think it is about $35 a container that lasts quite a while when starting at a lose dose.

    I think I remember reading that it is really good for treating herpes. I think they were
    talking about the genital kind but EBV and HHV6 are herpes and it they help that...that
    is a great plus.

    Feel bad for you!

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    I went to the Dr yesterday and I am on antibiotics. I hope they will work for me as I am still sick. I will look into some of your suggestions as they could be benificial to me thanks again.
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    Yes I take grapeseed daily. I did start the Oscillo right away as I had some and I went through the whole box I had got at Costco. It seems I always have a hard time getting well when I get sick and my Dr's are well aware of this but we try other stuff before I have to go to antibiotics and I do not like taking them everytime but my system seems like it can't fight off anything and I take stuff to try to boost my immune system daily. I am going to look into some of the other stuff on here that has been suggested as I respect the people on this site as they are like me and go through alot of what I go through.