been thinking about a change of doctors

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    I had posted a question about specialists in indy and had good replies. I am going to call Dr. Thornberry's office to see about an appointment.

    Another question about doctors: our family practice doctor is turning out to be unsatisfactory. My husband and I would like to find a recomendation for a family practice doc in the Indianapolis, IN area. Someone that can deal with chronic problems such as we have and the more mundane things. Having written that I would like more of the mundane things. At first she seemed OK with treating the FM. I didn't get all better as she thought that I would with the treatment for Canadensis so she is recomending all kinds of supplements, which I have tried some and they don't seem to help, and they are expensive. I have tried accupuncture which she recomended and that didn't help.
    We have problems reaching her or staff for questions or appointments and have had to go to a clinic (Med-check) for sinus infections that we had this week. Thanks for your help.