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    I tried to post this to the bio thread with no luck, so here I am.

    I've read many of the bios and think this is an excellent idea. Since I've done some writing in the past I know that initially what might get read by the celebrities and news people is the cover page, then based on that, a random selection of the bios themselves. Considering all the letters that these people receive, they'll skim at first or their readers will. So while I realize that spelling and grammar aren't important here on the board, we must be sure those things are pristine in the cover letter if we're to be taken seriously.

    The other important issue is that we know what we want from these letters. We need to summarize by asking for that. Is it attention? Respect? A program devoted to CFIDS/FM? What?

    This probably isn't news to anyone but I needed to be sure. You know how it is....... ;>)