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    After reading aobut 'what the wakiest things a doctor has ever told you) and some other bad doctor situations, I was wondering if doctors really do see alot of hypochandriacs. Maybe there are people who run to the doctor for every little twich or pain they feel, saying to be tested for cancer or something along those lines. Maybe since the doctors see it alot, they really cant help it. Now, i know that there are some WAY out there stories about what a doc did or said and im not including those, but maybe I can give them a wee bit of a break here. I was wondering too if some of the stories are before the wider acceptance of fibro and cfs, or not. I am also trying to figure out how to talk, and in a way and manner, in order to make a doctor think I have all my wits about me, not some hypochodriac fly by night(or day in the exam room). Becasue i dont have a local physician, and I think it may be easier to get one. Rather than drive 50 miles.
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    What's more likely is that they're unable to help you, but instead of admitting their helplessness to an unknown/untreatable/incruable disease they write it off as non-existant. A while ago I read someone post here about her husband doing the same thing: claiming that she was making her illness up. Fortunately he came to his senses and realized how ridiculous of a claim that was - why would she torture herself so? Nonetheless, that's the more likely truth. The VAST majority of people don't have anywhere NEAR that kind of time nor money to waste on COUNTLESS doctor visits. The only people that would ever ACTUALLY do such a thing would be parents of a baby where it actually is somewhat reasonable because the baby has such a weak immune system and can't speak up for himself. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news and make you feel bad, but it's better you face the truth now then learn it the hard way later, right?
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    Do you go to a walk in clinic and see a different doc each time? It is so important to have a reg. doc who will get to know you and have one pharmacist also. My doc is in a clinic I use him as my gp but if it is after hrs or his day off someone else who sees me has my file and can refer to it. Also do you have any records from a previous doc. you can get. Usually it is one of the first things that they ask for when they see you. I tell a new doc that how I am feeling is not normally me. I used to be a type A always on the go and I don't like being like this and I am frustrated because I can't do the things I want to do. One thing I did was take in a picture of myself before I got sick when I was in India on a missions trip and I said this is who I am and I want to go back there. I don't know if that helps or not. Take care.

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