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    Bubba and Earl were riding around in their El Camino, drinking bottles of beer. They turned a corner, and there in the middle of the road was a road block. The sheriffs were checking every car before letting them through.

    "Oh no, Earl, what we gonna do?" cried Bubba. "He's gonna bust us for sure. We got these open bottles and we smell like beer."

    Earl pulled over and said, "Now Bubba, don't you worry. You jest do like I do, and let me do all the talkin."

    Earl guzzled the rest of his bottle of beer. Then, he peeled the label off the bottle, shoved the empty bottle up underneath his seat, and carefully plastered the label from the beer bottle onto his forehead.

    Bubba said, "What in the heck are you doin?"

    Earl said, "Shut up, Bubba, just do like I do. Trust me."

    So Bubba gave Earl a funny look, but he did as he was told. He guzzled down that beer, peeled off the label, and plastered it onto his forehead too.

    Earl pulled back out onto the road, and shortly was pulled over at the road block. The sheriff walked up to the car and leaned into the window.

    "Sure smells like beer in here," said the sheriff. "You boys been drinkin'?"

    "Heck no, officer," replied Earl, pointing to his forehead, "We're on the patch!"

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