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    I've been listening to the cast album for "Grey Gardens," a musical that previously played off-Broadway and that will open on Broadway in about a week or so.

    The play is fascinating in itself. More information on the subject matter can be found at

    I've found myself being really drawn into the album (and the movie that preceded it), and for a while I wasn't sure why.

    Then I realized that it seemed to be very descriptive of how it feels to have lost so much of my previous life to this illness. I thus thought I'd share with you the lyrics from one of the songs, to see if they resonate with any of you too.

    By the way, this is as self-pitying as I get, so please bear with me.....


    Another Winter in a Summer Town

    By Scott Frankel and Michael Korie

    Another winter
    The renters go home.
    The maple goes from crimson to brown.
    Oh God...
    My God....
    Another winter in a summer town.

    The beach is empty.
    They cover the pools.
    The patio umbrellas come down.
    Oh God...
    My God...
    Another winter in a summer town.

    One little leaf
    Adrift in the breeze
    Refuses to fall from the sky.
    Blown by the wind
    It clings to the trees.
    Unwilling to wither and die....

    The summer's over
    But I'm still a girl
    Cavorting in my carnival crown.

    From blossom to blossom,
    I buzz like a bee.
    Then glance in the mirror
    And who do I see?
    A middle-aged woman
    Inhabiting me.
    Because it's winter in a summer town.

    Yesterday's dreams,
    A faded bouquet.
    Roses that died on the vine.
    Yesterday seems
    More real than today.
    It's difficult drawing the line....

    My season ended
    A long time ago
    But no one took the party tent down.

    The pink paper lanterns
    Still twinkle in place.
    My young Navy hero,
    His tender embrace.
    That sapphire blue ocean...
    Oh, how can I face
    Another winter in a summer town?
    Oh God...
    Oh God...
    My God....[This Message was Edited on 09/26/2006]

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