Before I fire my doc. should I,,,,,,? (neuropathy)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Ask him for an evaluation of my neuropathy in my arms?
    I am going to a Rheumy in July, but he might expect my doc. to have done this beforehand.

    He haven't run any advanced testing at all, except some lab work and x-rays in regards to my multiple health problems. I have been dissapointed but desided to stay since he is the referring physician to my rheumy, and I need this to get Medicare to pay and accept the visit.

    If I pretend I have no other health problems than neuropathy, I can say that I can push my daughters swing with dreat difficulty, I can color a picture with her for 1-2 minutes. I can hold the vaccum for short moments and have to switch between hands every so often.

    I have lost 2 professions because of my neuropathy, Sport Massage Therapist and musician (made good money on both).

    I found it surprising when I spent several months revisiting my doc. that he never bothered to run any testing, like nerve conduction. Why not diagnose what I have, and why? Why not medicate it to halt the progression (I am only getting worse as the years pass)?

    Now, the rest I can deal with, like the hyper tension, migraines, etc., and then I hope this Rheumatologist in Seattle will giagnose me (so I can put 80% of my symptoms into a real name/ diagnosis!)

    Any opinion on what my doctor should do, or what I should ask for considering my neuropathy other than a fumb x-ray that of course doesn't show compressed nerves, surprise!!! LOL! Good heavens, what is WRONG with doctors? Sorry about the attitude, but I rwally have lost my trust in the medical profession.
  2. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    It helps alot, I need to get testing done to get to a diagnosis of what ever it is.

    Interesting thing that you had trigger point pain, was it like extreme burning fire? If I do something and keep pushing it, the pain will be so severe my arms feel paralyzed from a fire pain, like someone poured acid into my veins.

    Does it sound similar to your pain?

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