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  1. CelticLadee

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    Hello everyone,
    I am learning about TF's as I go. I was happy to come here and find so much information... Spacee answered a lot of my questions. Thanks for posting so often with such good info.

    Not knowing anything about TF's I asked my N.D. and he put me on 4Life TF Plus. I have been on it for about 20 days now. I haven't had a significant change. Some herxing for a few days but less now and some added energy overall & sense of well being is coming on. Not every day but once in several days I have not had to lay down. This is a first for me since I became ill spring 2001. So I think I am on to something here.

    I have decided to try the PH TF Essentials with Matrix 2000 next month. I liked the idea of changing TF to see which ones would benefit me the most since I cannot afford testing to see what underlying infections I have. Since my CFIDS/FM began with Shingles I think I will try the Formula 560 after awhile too.

    What I have noted interesting enough while on TF is that I can smell it in my nose & coming out my pores sometimes and also my mouth tastes cleaner. Bizarre huh? When my puppy was on 4Life TF animal stress pak I could smell it on her too. By the way, she was weaned too early & was runt of the litter so her immune system couldn't seem to fight infections. She had bladder infection, tonsilitis and post surgery (spayed) stress anxiety. The TF cured her! She is one happy normal puppy so far now. She has been off TF for over a month now.

    So I think from what I have read that it would be good to stay on Essentials and add 560 slowly to see what it does. Does that make sense to you?

    My best to you,
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    Your reasoning seems sound to me. Of course, we are all pretty much winging it as we go here.

    I did find it very interesting that my medical history is almost identical to your puppy with the exception of being the runt of the litter. I had 4 cases of strep throat in about 5 years. That stopped and then the bladder infections began and I was on prophalactic antibiotics for several years to keep those away. Also, Ihad stress anxiety after 2 c-sections. And I have been told I howl at night. Does your pup? lol

    Let us know how you do...


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  3. CelticLadee

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    Yes Spacee! LOL. You two DO have much in common.

    My puppy loves to howl when unhappy about anything any time of day or night. (mostly she does it when she wants to have her way, thereby she gets her way.) ie. sleep with mom, eat NOW, get her ball unstuck from under the couch, etc.

    She is suppose to have the gravel-ly bark pomeranians are notorious for... but NO... she HOWLS. She does not seem to know how to bark! She shocks everyone with this very LOUD strange howl coming from this little 7 lbs. energetic bundle of fur. We just love her to pieces and she loves us right back. Works for us. (wink)

    I got my TF Essential w/matrix 2000 in the mail yesterday. Will start it in less than a week when my 4Life TF + is used up. Hoping for good results (even if it means herxing). Okay... will keep you posted.

    I also got some Enada NADH so I could get my brain cleared up and maybe get some more energy. I tried it this morning but not sure yet what it did for me. Seemed like some degree of help... time will tell... I'm not worse anyway. LOL.
    Do you use this product?

    Well, it has been good to feel a little better these days! I baked this morning, cooked some lunch meats, started preparing dinner, finished my office work, and just had an overall productive morning. I don't know how to describe it but since being on TF I have this underlying feeling of getting well for the first time in months. I don't think it is psychological but even if it turned out to be the case... it feels GOOD! We all need an uplift once in awhile.

    Thanks for your post ... hope your day is great.
    My best to you,

  4. spacee

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    I just received my Pro Heath catalogue and it has some interesting info on Enada.

    "What we learned since the Georgetown study was that 10mg is too low a dose, in spite of the fact that 1/3 of the patients in the study improved after one month, and 84% improved after 6 months. I am convinced that if patients
    start with 20mgs per day, they will experience a positive effect sooner" This is according to a Dr. Birkmayer

    I took Enada for months and it did nada for my alertness but it did help my bladder. I remember reading from a vague source that CFS patients have something in their brain that controls the acidity of the bladder and it can malfunction in some patients. The Enada corrected that for some people (moi). It really was amazing stuff for me because I was to the point that I was afraid to travel.

    Ginko Biloba (2 tablets) has helped my mental clarity some.....

    Give a howl to your puppy for me, she sounds like she is so cute. (A she right?...mental clarity is only partially improved)

  5. susiek

    susiek New Member

    Hi CelticLadee, from a fellow Washingtonian!

    I have posted a couple times wanting info from anybody taking Matrix 2000. PLEASE let us know in a few weeks how you do...ANY significant changes you feel with M 2000 in comparison to 4Life. Also how many capsules you will be taking.


  6. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Hello Spacee...

    Thanks for the info on Enada. To double the dose would jump the monthly price from $28.45 to $56.90! With all my other expenses I'm not sure I'm desperate enough to want to do that. LOL. I'm still not sure if it is doing me any good but it is too early in the game to tell.

    After I read your post I realized that I haven't had to run to the bathroom as often and as desperately since I started the Enada. Guess its good for something anyway. I will try to keep with it for awhile and see how it works with time. It will be one of the first things to go if I have any financialy strains though.

    Read your post ... I believe it was 5 month update. So cool to hear how good you are doing now. I really believe the TF has helped me a great deal already too. I am gaining in stamina and have experienced some really good days lately. This is very exciting! I am very hopeful that I will be feeling well in the near future.

    Blessings from me to you.

  7. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Hello SusieK,

    It's nice to meet another Washingtonian. Are you on the east or west side? (me W.) Our local newspaper today is warning us of the flu breaking out in our area. Our hospital is full and sending sick people home after giving them IV's. Have you had a flu shot? I didn't get one and am wondering about it now. It is rather unsettling thinking about it. Soon the clinics, etc. will run out of vaccine now that the manufactures have sold out all their supplies. I especially hope my husband can get a vaccine as he works with the public and if anything happens to him we are in BIG trouble. He is self employed so if he doesn't work we don't get paid, etc.

    Sure I will post at the end of Dec. to let you know how the Matrix 2000 compares to the 4Life+ for me. I will start Matrix 2000 12/09/03 so will let you know what happens. I used 2 capsules a day of 4Life+ and will also use 2 capsules a day of Matrix.

    I am also using boswellia and lycopene as indicated would be helpful in the last medical breakthrough posted at the National CFIDS Foundation. The boswellia has been effective in diminishing inflammation in my muscles and joints. I haven't been aching for over a week now which is uncommon for me. When I don't take boswellia every 12 hours the aches return. Pretty interesting huh? Hopefully someday with the help with the TF I won't need it but for now it seems to make a difference for me.

    Talk to you later.
  8. mitch123

    mitch123 New Member

    I read your post ages ago, forgot to reply, duh! what a lovely puppy you have. I'm glad that you are on TF and improving, I'm surprised that there aren't more people on the stuff, maybe people are slow to convert or haven't been informed enough.I guess it is pricey but a worthwhile investment.
    I'm taking the 4life TF but will be swopping over to Pro Healths range at some stage.I have been improving slowly.
    I too haven't had the blood testing done, we don't have most of the tests available here in N.Z I guess I could ship my blood to America, but I will see how I improve.
    I have taken Enada only 5mg though and it was great for a week, improved mood and concentration but after that, nothing. Once again glad your a TF junkie lol! and welcome.
    ps hello susie k, and spacee all that working out at the gym got you into a sweat yet! lol
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  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    When I first started taking Enada I was taking 5mg. Then, at a doc visit I reported that I was taking it and I heard him mutter 10mg being the "theraputic dose". So, if you are taking are not taking enough.

    I agree with Celticladdie...all these supplements are too pricey and I have to pick and choose what I take.

    Thanks Mitch for noticing that I am a gym rat....I knew you wouldn't miss it. I'll do anything if it is in a/c or a swimming pool. I'm not totally a geek....I was on a nationally ranked freestyle relay team in years gone by. Practice three times a day...7am, noon and 5pm in freesing water.
    Those were the days. Thankfully over.

  10. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    You know I was just wondering the same thing.... why is it that so few seem to be taking TF?

    It took me a year before I was ready to try it only because I started out trying so many other things but it was on my list to try if everything else I tried failed.

    If TF fails than the next route will be long term antibiotics. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to go over that bridge!

    Living in NZ sounds like it would be quite a challenge for you to get your blood tested. After reading countless posts about it I wonder what benefit it really would be. Seems like the results can be inconclusive and taking TF's is helping anyway. But if you need to take antibiotics long term I suppose it would be necessary. Unless you find a MD that will prescribe them without tests. I have a friend with FM and her MD is treating her with long term antibiotics but prescribing them for her acne. Last I heard the antibiotics are helping her quite a lot too.

    We do live in a crazy existence but hopeful we can find a way out and back into the mainstream again.

    Thanks... yes ... Cricket is a very sweet puppy & we love spoiling her. Last Sat. we had her pic taken on Santa's lap as the donation goes to the local pet rescue organization. They put a little Santa hat on her and she looked quite silly but cute. Hope the pics turn out. Will get them on Thurs. I will update her pic in my profile soon as she has changed so much. 7 months old now. We took some recently that are very cute but waiting to see how the Santa pose turns out first.

    Hope you read the post Spacee put in here for you about the Enada. I think it is helping me with my mental clarity, etc. as lately I seem to be on top of things. Hope it isn't a fluke and I go back into a fog. It would be worth it for you to experiment and take at least 2 tablets for awhile and see if it helps you. Guess we are suppose to take 4 tablets but that seems a little pricey for me right now.

    Hi Spacee... Hope Mitch sees our posts too.
    I start the Matrix 2000 tonight. Should be interesting to see how I react to it the next few weeks. Hope it is a good one! I need to get on the upswing for the holidays.

    I gotta go start dinner... baking fresh wild sockeye salmon... yum yum.
    Cricket will howl for a piece no doubt. LOL.


  11. mitch123

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    First of all I have to say if you want to, come over to the chit chat boards.... of course we are having a nice chit chat here, but there are some lovely ladies on the other boards, not rat bags like me lol!.
    Thanks for the info on enada ekkk!! too pricey with all the other costs, but i might try the Gingko herb.(Mind you it can work out cheaper to order it in America, including postage.) Spacee I'm mucho impresso with your level of commitment swimming 3 x a day,(boy i bet you got sick of that!) and how could you think that I would think you a geek??? , your a "nut" for thinking that lol!,if it got as hot were i am, as it does where you are in summer i would be walking the mall too! but personally i would watch the movie at the end of the walk!, and of course having my choc covered icecream!.
    (I just hate crowds!, I love the city early in the morning, and you may not believe this but i go to the odd gallery too!!)
    Celtic Ladee, such an interesting user name for an American is it Scottish ancestors?
    Yes I'm going to keep going with the TF, My doc is hesitant about the antibiotics, he said to me work on healing the immune system, so I'm pumping money into that (TF).
    Ohhhhhh!! puppy photo with santa!!!!!!!! hopefully that will turn out, I would love to see that. i have put my photo of my dog and me on the profile, but i'm blonder these days and my dog looks so grumpy!!!,yet she is the most delightful, affectionate crazy staffy cross, so hopefully I will get some fresh photos, we have a new digital camera so should be able to get some good ones, as soon as i play around with it and learn how to work it!.

    A healthy we will be, a healthy we will be, high ho the merryoh , the healthy we will be!!!!!!!!lol!
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