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    I am very interseted in the fact that I have read a lot of personal accounts (on this site and elsewhere) which follow the same general story: indiv gets sick and sees many drs, spends lots of dollars over long period trying to get well, and eventually one way or another it turns out it is lyme disease that they have. They are treated for LD and begin to heal.

    In my case I had gradual onset CFIDS, no tick bite known of or suspected, do not live in tick infested area, and had negative elisa test (I know not the test to get, dr ordered that one thou).

    Is it worthwhile to pursue getting the western blot test?

    Or am I considered low risk enough for LD that I would be better off looking at other causes/treatment?
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    It was for my son. Also, deer ticks are so tiny that they are often not noticed, especially in hair or not easily seen parts of the body.

    Often symptoms appear but they're attributed to other things, so again it may not seem like they're related. Just remember that Lyme and its usual suspects of co-infections can be suppressed by one's immune system for any period of time until one is immune compromised thru stress, physical or emotiona.

    And it does depend on your own genetic susceptibilities as well as the variety of infection/s you have.

    Syphilis was called the great masquerader, but the genome on Lyme is 2X as complex.

    Anyeverything that seems to describe you is worth checking out. BTW, the stats are that it takes approximately $60K to ultimately be dx'd with Lyme for most people.

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