Beginning and Ending: A Word Game #3

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    Starting a new thread:

    Let's start over with #1.
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    Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.
    When you read you begin with A B C. When you sing you begin with do
    re mi. The first three notes just happen to be do re mi.

    That picture looks crooked. I think you need to _____one side or the other.

    I've got lots of _____today. ______ be doin' lots of stuff. My brother _____
    late every morning, but I'm up and at 'em. I think he has some kind
    of _______. If he gets that job at the _____mill, he'll have to get up
    early. _____ will teach him. Well, I should have that _____ wire
    up by ______. Maybe the twins will stop by. Haven't seen Nate
    and ______ for a while.

    What do stoned hippies say about everything? Answer: _____!


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  3. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    My brother ___SLEEPS__ late every morning, but I'm up and at 'em.
    I think he has some kind of ___AMNESIA?____.
    If he gets that job at the __?___mill, he'll have to get up early. ___THAT__ will teach him.
    Well, I should have that __BARB___ wire up by __NOON___.
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    Very good, Soul. I had "sickness" rather than amnesia, but the concept is
    pretty much the same. How are things at your place?

    Gordon and I visited a suburb just north of Los Angeles this morning. The
    clouds were sitting on top of the mountains. We had a smattering of rain
    on the trip home.

  5. gb66

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    Soul's and GB's Answers:

    That picture looks crooked. I think you need to _TILT____one side or the other.
    I've got lots of ..PEP.......... today. ___?___ be doin' lots of stuff. My brother _SLEEPS____
    late every morning but I'm up and at em. I think he has some kind
    of _SICKNESS______. If he gets that job at the GRITS/GRIST _mill, he'll have to get up
    early. _THAT__ will teach him. Well, I should have that BARB___ wire
    up by _NOON_____. Maybe the twins will stop by. Haven't seen Nate
    and __NAN____ for a while.

    What do stoned hippies say about every thing? .......?........!

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  6. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Nice teamwork. Tilt is right, GB. Also pep. Nan is a good answer for the
    twin. I think Nan was one of the Bobbsey twins. (Her brother was Bert.)
    I was thinking Norman, but Nan is just as good. The mill was a pulp mill.
    A place that magically turns wood chips into paper.

    What did the hippies say over and over? WOW! The general observations
    was that they were too out of it to think of anything more coherent.

    It's 59 degrees here. I think I'll put on my Uff-da sweatshirt. Going up to
    74 later. Hope it's a nice day where you guys are.

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  7. rockgor

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    1. Saw part of a lousy movie last night. Even the well-regarded _______
    Seymour Hoffman couldn't save it. Just didn't want to see more of it.

    2. King, Duck, Rumsfeld, or Drysdale.

    3. A forward pass often wins a football game. This one was won
    by a different sort.

    4. "Let's go camping this weekend, Kids. Pack up. Get the fishing
    gear, the tent, the paddles and the ______".

    5. Flowers that start with "S". If you make 'em plural they fit
    our category.

    Here's a stargazer lily. I read a book some time ago. The main character
    was saying how the stargazer lily was her mother's favorite flower. Like
    so many authors who can't be bothered to do any research. Stargazer lilies
    did not exist during the 1930s. They were developed here in Calif. during
    the 70s.

    Read a short story by some famous author's kid. Stephen King, I think.
    (Yes. Kid uses the name Joe Hill.) Anyway he had a gal using press on
    nails during WWII, 40 years before such things existed.


  8. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member


    1. Critic ?

    2. Donalds

    3. Kick

    4. Kayak

    5. Sunflowers
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  9. rockgor

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    Hi GB

    Donalds and Kayak and sunflowers are all correct. Kick is good. I
    was thinking of lateral pass rather than the forward pass. Critic
    was a good guess. I had in mind the actor's first name which
    is Philip. Died from a drug overdose a few years ago. Only 46.

    The reason you couldn't figure out " ___?___ be doin' lots of stuff" is
    because I left a word out. It was supposed to be "Going to be doing lots
    of stuff." My typing has gotten so bad. And my proofreading is worse.
    Very depressing.

    Here's a pic from Wikipedia. This the one? One site said there were
    4 mills in this area.

    My grandfather used to own a mill. It was at the edge of our village;
    next to a woods. Went outta business before I was born, but the old
    building was still there. We kids were told to stay out. Dangerous
    in there.


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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey! Found the same mill on Youtube.


  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well sure, we could do that some more. I'll see if I can post instructions on how
    to post pictures. You do one thing for pics and another for videos. Some months
    back I tried to post instructions for Mikie. It turned into a complete muddle.
    Hard to believe, I guess, but I got so confusiated with right and left that I gave
    up. Will try again though.

    Be easier if you stopped by so I could show you. Ha Ha! There's also a technique
    that Gordon uses when he posts his orchid pictures. I don't know how to do
    that one. It involves grabbing the picture with the cursor and dragging it
    to where you want it.

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  12. rockgor

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    GB et. al.

    Find the pic you want to copy. Some are not copyable.
    Some can be copied, but will disappear a day or two
    after you post them.

    The ones that work best for me are found by searching
    for a topic and adding images in the search window.
    Pics in Wikipedia also work well, although they are
    usually larger than I like. Pics from IMDB disappear a
    day or two after posted.


    With the cursor over the pic you want to copy, right click
    with the mouse. This should produce a drop down menu.
    left click on "copy image".

    Go to spot where you want the pic. Right click; on the
    drop down menu left click on paste. Pic should

    If you don't like the pic after you posted it, hit the back
    space key. It will disappear. If you want to erase the
    pic later, put the cursor at the lower right corner of pic
    and hit back space.

    Try that. Hope it works.
    Your friends, Rock and Chip

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  13. rockgor

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    OK, here are some mixed puzzles. Some hard; a few not so.

    6 ______ imagined herself a really funny gal. Always telling a joke or some _____. I
    guess her dream was to become a comedian.

    7 ______ said she made his nerves ______. He thought she should try and
    get a ______ at one of those ______ stores.

    8 His ______ agreed. "The poor girl just doesn't have the necessary _______.
    Why doesn't she just get a _______ job. And what happened to that boyfriend ______?"

    9 Aunt Ferdy said, "I'm ______ fatter every year." Sally said, "No, you're
    not. Just maybe a little ______. As mother says, you're still the ______
    of charm and ______. "

  14. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    6. Anna/Gag

    7. David/?/Gig/Comic

    8. Mom/Talent/Regular/Bob

    9. Getting/Plump/Epitome/Magnetism
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  15. rockgor

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    Wow, GB. You're sharp as a tack. The missing word in 7 is taut.
    I had essence and elegance as the last two in 9, but yours are
    just as good. Oh yeah, and skills in 8.

    Too bad there is no prize other than the admiration of your
    fellow players.


    Dunno why this dude has the top of his head missing. That's the
    way the original looks.
  16. gb66

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    That was a very challenging game! I haven't the energy to post a game right now but maybe tonight.

    Admiration is always appreciated. We sick folks don't get too awful much of it. Thanks! GB :)
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    10 Works for the New York Times.
    11 Ditto.

    12 Shirley and Madge work next store at a law firm.
    13 Their Dad works out west on his big spread. Their brother Hank works
    for Dad as a _____ and a _____.

    14 Hank's future looks good as Dad put his name on the property _____.
    15 Hank is big and tough, but also polite. Always calls ladies ______.

    16 Now and then Hank dreams of traveling. He'd like to see places
    like _______ and _______.
    17 Maybe meet some people like those Hollywood _____ .

  18. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    On 10 and 11, are you looking for names of people who work at NY Times?




    13. Trainer/

    14. Deed

    15. Ma'am

    16. Africa and Australia

    17. Stars
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Good Morning, GB

    You got 14 -17 right on the money.

    10 - 13 are occupations. E.g., I work for Betty Crocker in the potato
    Dept. I'm the Chief Roaster. My son works as a Receiver in the Shipping
    and Receiving Dept.

    Did you receive my message silently but clear as opposed to loud and clear?


  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    18 Above the door.
    19 A friend in college had an old beat-up Plymouth. He jokingly referred
    to it as a _____ car.

    20 Mrs Knudson had only one complaint about her husband. "He's
    awfully _____with his spondulicks," she said.
    21 We had a hummingbird visit yesterday. It _______from the
    telephone wire to the feeder and then over to the ______ by the fence.

    Might be some repeats here. Haven't got the energy to comb through all
    our previous posts.


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