Beginning treatment based on "Beating Chronic Fatigue" book...

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    Some of you will be aware of my topic that I posted about the above book and its proposed "medical" and "nutritional" treatment options. I have decided to try the medical one, which involves taking some supplements. It works in stages and in the first stage you are asked to take Ginkgo biloba, 400mg a day, L-Glutamine (500g three times a day for a month, then reduce to two times a day), and Evening Primrose Oil (500g, four times a day). Should also be taking Nimodipine and gradually increasing dose. However, this is a prescribed drug not freely available where I live (UK) so will not be taking that. Its supposed to eliminate brain toxings with have built up as part of the disease.

    Will let you know how I get on with it, but I'm really hoping that the Evening Primrose will take away some of the aching I have in my legs. It seems to have got worse in the last week...

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    Keep us posted on how you do - this illness is such a mystery, we are all investigators!

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