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    I copied this off Cactus Lil's thread but did not want to comment on that thread because she really wanted it to go in another direction. You said:

    when the Christians converted the pagans of Ireland, t'was a case of waste not/want not. They took the beautiful Irish pagan poetry and adapted it the new concept of Christiantiy

    And I just wanted to state my agreement and how that is, in that the Christians also took many of the religious traditions of pagan religions and incorporated them into their beliefs in order to make Christianity more acceptable to the pagans they wished to convert.

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    Yes it's true and not just in this country, The traditional celebrations of winter and spring in the pagan world were taken over by the celebration of Christ's birth and death in Christianity. It makes the religion much more palatable for pagans to convert if they can carry on with their traditional celebrations. The missionary influence in the British Isles and Ireland with the likes of St. Patrick were quickened by the adaptation of the pagan rituals into the ceremonies and celebrations of Christian belief. Tis a good thing in my mind least ways.