Being Boo, I saw MD somewhere..i think.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ranger, Sep 25, 2003.

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    Posted earlier about being Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird because I got out of the house today and got surprised looks from neighboring parents. Later, I went out again to see doc. Been struggling with bad neck/right shoulder pain, as well as lower back pain. He wasn't as concerned about the Low back pain, but set me up for an MRI on my neck and R shoulder. Good. I'm hoping for open MRI and they are working on it. I wonder why he blew off the lower back pain, as I stated that as my first thing. I said it comes and goes in severity, maybe that was why. Is neck pain more alarming? He didn't want to put me on a higher pain med, still concerned with over medicating me. Although he did boost my sleep med Trazadone. Now I am taking 300mg at bedtime. I am confused with his plan, but left there thinking I'll speak more to him after the MRI. I trust him, but always second guess him. I should shut my mouth. Thanks for listening.
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    On your way to the doctor?!!! I love the Boo Radley analogy! I believe my neighbors think I have left my husband, until they see the garage door open (on rare occasions) and I back out with my Greta Garbo sunglasses on! Love to keep 'em' guessing!

    I am glad you got the doctor headed in the right direction. I hope he will also check out your back situation. I am going to ask for an x-ray or something, of my lower back. I supposedly had degenerative disc's five years ago and want to know what's up down there!

    Hope the trazadone works for you! Sleep seems to be such a rare commodity!

    Take gentle care Andi!