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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mini4Me, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Mini4Me

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    Just read this this a.m., and thought I'd share it with all of you. It just goes to show you, you really need to be very discreet with your meds:

    Boy and grandfather held at gunpoint during home robbery
    statesman staff - Idaho Statesman
    Edition Date: 02/27/07

    An elderly man and his 8-year-old grandson were held at gunpoint by an unknown assailant during a home-invasion robbery attempt Monday morning in the Fairview/Cloverdale neighborhood, Boise police said.
    A resident of a home in the 2000 block of North Highwood Avenue called Ada County dispatchers just after 8 a.m. to report that a man wearing a disguise and carrying a handgun walked through an unlocked door into the home.

    The robber, who said he was looking for prescription drugs, then forced the elderly man and his grandson into a back bedroom, police said. After a short period of time, the victims did not hear the robber in their home anymore so they called 911 at 8:12 a.m.

    The residents did not recognize the robber, but investigators have some undisclosed leads that indicate the robber knew the victims, police said Monday. No one was injured.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 343-2677.

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    I'm Not suprised to hear of this happening (sorry to say) I once Had a friend who (I Thought Was a Friend!) That when she found out I was ill and on Medication ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Tried to get me to Give Her My Meds! Ah yeah! But When i refused she No Longer wanted to Be Friends,,,,,,,,,,,,Funny How That works Huh!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,We Just all Have to Be on the smart and safe side as much as possible!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'm Glad The Man and Boy didn't get Hurt! Pays to keep your Doors locked at all Times,,,,,Thanks for posting This! Helps us to be More aware!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,S
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    Hi Mini,
    Thanks for posting this. It's true, we have to be extra careful. I keep my meds in a locked fire-safe box and don't discuss what I take with anyone. I also shred all copies I don't need of prescription receipts, and always remove stickers from empty pill bottles before throwing them in the trash.

    Good article, thanks for sharing it. Hope they catch the guy and thank God the man and his grandson weren't hurt.

  4. Greenbean7

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    What do you do with Rx that you don't want to take. Usually I would say to flush it, but in this case I don't want to do that.

    Doc Rx'd Oxycontin 2 times a day. I tried it and got a migraine. Don't know if that is what caused it, but didn't want to chance it so I told doc I won't take it anymore.

    Now I have about 50 Oxycontin in the cupboard. If I flush it it will look like I took it when I didn't. Since it is a narcotic I don't want the pharmacy and doc to have a record that I used it when I haven't. Narcotics are just too touchy of a subject to risk having that on my med records.

    Do I take it back to the pharmacy and have them note in their files that I returned it and didn't use it? Do I take it to the doc and have him note it in my records?

    Any ideas?


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  5. gnanny

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    to return a full prescription to the pharmacy. I think it hadnt even been opened but they said they couldnt take it back due to worries about drug tampering.

    You might return it to the Dr. on your next visit and let him decide to flush it.

    just a thought.
  6. Greenbean7

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    I don't want them to resell it. I want them to record that it was returned and they destroyed it. I'm not looking for credit from the pharmacy, just a record that it wasn't used.

  7. naturebaby

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    You could try bringing them in to your next doctor's appt. and asking him to dispose of them. I've done this with other meds before. They ensure that they are disposed of properly ie. not in sewage or garbage dump, but with biohazard stuff I think.

    I would think your doctor would be impressed with your honesty and your sense of responsibility! cheers, nature
  8. joyfully

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    pharmacy will not take them back ---even if you ask them to just dispose of them. I'd give them to Dr. and ask him to note on your record that you returned them.

    RE: drugs in house.

    Discuss your medications with NO ONE. Family members included. Otherwise, don't be surprised when you have medications missing. This is especially true for any pain medications.

    Friends of your children, a baby sitter, your neighbor, a friend, -----the list is endless.

    you haven't lived until you try to convince your pain management doctor that someone has stolen your meds. Now THAT is an experience you won't soon forget. You have to fill out a police report and then MAYBE the doctor will give you a RX for the replacement. Then comes part 2. Your insurance will not pay for the replacement because it isn't time for a refill yet. So you get to pay cash!

    Stealing pain meds is becoming the recreational drug for many teenagers. So is stealing anything like Xanax. Hide the drugs, do not discuss the drugs with anyone. It isn't any of their business anyway. If your relations know, someone out of the group WILL ask you for meds. I'm not joking. Then they will get miffed when you say no.

    I've had medications stollen by my next door neighbor AND a baby sitter in the past.
  9. Greenbean7

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    I will take the oxy to my doc when I go in in March. He knows I'm not taking them, but I would still like proof in my record!

    You all have been a lot of help and I really appreciate it! Now all I have to do is remember to take them with me!!


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  10. joyfully

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    If this is important to you, then do it. I've shown doctors bottles of pain medications that I didn't take. I didn't ask them to dispose of them, but to show them that I'm not using the meds.

    If you feel it is important for the doctor to make a notation in your file confirming that you didn't take the medication, then ask him to do it. If this is important to you, then it is important.
  11. caffey

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    Where I live, I take the lables off and take them to the pharmacy without explanation. Sometimes meds are changed or whatever and it isn't any of their business why you are returning them. We can also return syringes. Whatever you do DO NOT sell them. That will land you in biggie trouble with the law. Also I keep my meds hidden. Even from my friends and any friend who asks for narcotics is not a friend. You have to be especially carefully if you have pre-teens or teens. In Canada there is a big hoo haw over oxycontin and the abuse of it on the street. I keep a bit of a secret stash in my purse for when I go out but I don't have it labeled so no one knows what it is. Unfortunately it is the friends you think you trust the most who will give your grief. Another neat thing too is my pharmacy calls if someone else tries to pick up my narcotics. Most docs don't want the narcotics. All the best.