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  1. kayebee

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    I have goten worse when I get extremely tired. I can't think straght, I can't comprehend the simpilest conversation, simple ordinary words I can't remember, loose my balance and God forbid I ever have to drive in this state I really feel for others and my saftey!!!! I stop at caution lights and just sit there for minute until it registers and I say what are you doing, I feel so stupid.

    Do any of you ever experince this?


  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    You are just tired, fatigued. I hardly slept last night due to furnace noise then cats, plus pain, and this morning I feel even nauseous with fatigue.

    It happens to most of us.

    Just let yourself rest.

    Love Anne C
  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I experience this on a daily basis at the moment, it's all part of our illness I'm afraid.

    You really need to learn to pace yourself, to rest. I cant drive at all anymore, had to give it up.

    You're not stupid, you're ill.

  4. mm227mm

    mm227mm New Member

    I have a hard time comprehending things as well. I can't spell or think of words like I used to. And, I am so clumsy now and fall down a lot! I have been driving down the road near my house and almost black out and don't recognize anything and cannot think of what road I am on---roads I drive daily. It is very scary at times. This happens more often than ever. Hope it makes you feel better to know that you are not the only one out there---let's just hope you and I don't drive on the same road or same town!! LOL

    Have a good day,

  5. this fibro fog is just horrible isnt it.i have it alot,some days not too bad,then,as most of you good people here will know the fog is like eekkk how can i get through today feeling like this.
    im in a fibro flare this week,but thankfully it hasnt made me bedbound (i hope i havent spoke too soon)
    anyway,even if im not in a bad fibro fog flare up,i just cant cross roads comfortably.but i have to cross them every day,as im currently searching for a job.anyway,i dont know what normal people must think when they see me standing on the kerb trying to cross the road.i know i must look like someone who has lost her marbles (gone mad) but i do manage eventually to get over the road safely,however i will have been stood waiting to cross about five mins..not due to busy traffic but due to,,should i cross now? no wait a bit,,try now eeekkk.

    i hope you feel better real soon kayebee ((( gentle hugs )))

    fran xx
  6. pemaw54

    pemaw54 New Member

    I forgot my son-in-laws name one day at a family reunion with him sitting next to me.. How embarrassing. He finally said, "Robert". I laughed it off, but i will never forget it. I just told my pharmacist at the drive-thru yesterday that I had brain fog and people on the road have no idea of the narcotics Im always on. I dont think she was too thrilled to hear that even though she fills all of my meds:)

    I havent told you all this but I sleep with ear plugs that I get for 69cents at a gun shop. And then I put a pillow over my ear. I dont hear anything any more at night. I was such a light sleeper for soo many yrs( being a mother),I heard every tiny noise all night including planes landing and taking off at the airport.. It works with the noise. And yet, the pain keeps me awake alot. I pray for all of you when Im lying there awake. God bless

  7. Angel6801

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    Yes, I can def related to what you are experience. In fact that is what I am going through right now. I used to stop at red light then it turned to green.. The cars was moving.. Then suddenly I realized I was suppose to move. Needless to say, I was embrassed. Since I am deaf so it is good thing I didn't hear the car horned me which might make me even more blush.

    I am too get those "losing my balance" I felt like I am bumping into people or felt like I was walking drunk. I was afraid that people thought I was but I wasn't. It just I am so tired and everything just got weak and exhaust.

    As far for conversation, I always forget what people was telling me, and I had difficult time listen to them. That is one of biggest reason why I am having difficult time with school (I'm full time student at college).

    I think that being exhaust or stress can makes things worse. I know it does for me. Right now I am going through stressful times. So my symptoms are flares up right now. So, I just want to cry. That was what I am doing all morning.

    My advice, try to relax as much as you do, or even better try to get sleep. Some people handles things different so I don't know what will help you in your case.

    Hope you feel better, and take care :)
    Angel[This Message was Edited on 02/21/2006]

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