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  1. Feeling really depressed,I have been helping with a managing shifts at restaurant where I serve.Everything was going good,but then I had too many hours and fell apart.
    I was angry,I felt out of control.We did have issues because The Gm was on vacation, We ran out of all kinds of things.The younger servers were louder than normal.
    He found out how upset I was and I didn't want to act like Icoudn't handle it.So I said nothing as to why things were bad. I know some was the way I handle stress,but alot was from dissorganisation inside the restaurant.

    The main thing that is bothering me, is If someone knows you are in chronic pain, and they keep asking whats wrong.Whats the point of telling them anyway.Usally they don't believe you.Even the people who love you dont believe you.I have gotten to a point where I have buried myself into a hole.

    This illness is so grueling just staying afloat is an edless task.Without having to explain why you are half the person you use to be. Ruthie
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    Well you need a medal at least! You have been doing so much with all the extra hours and still held yourself together. ie, not cracked the manager over the head with a frying pan.

    You definately deserve a medal and a treat, do something nice and relaxing for yourself. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy a spa or massage or what most helps you.

    I can't be bothered explaining things to people either, it takes too much energy that i don't have anymore. Like you say stayin afloat is a major effort... also worth a medal.

    So there you are, take your 2 medals and do something nice for yourself. :eek:)

    Hope your working less hours this week. or better yet.. on holiday!!
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