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    Good for you! Has the pain in your glands subsided?
    What changes are you noticing?
    I'm trying to decide between Immune Transfer C and TF 64. I want to target EBV, Chlamydia Pn., and HHV6. Problem is, my doctor doesn't know if I had HHV6 A or B, and Immune Transfer C only targets B.
    I only want to take one product! I think my next plan of attack, in addition to taking TF, will be to try Doxycycline.
    I am so frustrated right now; my symptoms are not that bad, but I'm unable to return to the classroom, mostly due to the fatigue and brain swelling/head pressure, which my doctor tells me is common in people fighting viral infections. Have you had this head pressure problem? It's probably the most annoying CFS problem I have right now.
    I feel like I'm so close to being able to go back to work, though.
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    Transfer Factor System 200™, Transfer Factor 6000™ and Formula 560™: These products contain enhanced activity for HHV-6, (both A and B variants), and CMV. Both products are supported by a patent on the process for obtaining transfer factor from colostrum.