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    is so hard when u r handed a bad hand my mom was an avid churchgoer.. I went to sunday school a catholic HS but I just cant seem to get into it.. so many negative things in my life i try to pray for others but I just dont feel like I am heard
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    I know also what it's like to be dealt a bad hand in life. I am still recuperating from child abuse - and I'm in my 50's. Probably it is something that I will always be struggling with. As I also work hard on my healing in therapy.

    We can't help feeling dismayed at all the troubles in the world, and in our own particular worlds.

    What has helped me the most, and kept my faith growing all throughout is the greatly loving character (heart) of Jesus. HE has never let me down. Life - people's destructive tendencies - yes these have been terrible.

    Truly there is evil in the world - anything that harms and brings destruction.

    It was very hard for me to learn to trust - and I tested out the nature of Christ, by studying and looking at everything he said and did. If he was imperfect - I wanted to know it.

    If he was unworthy of trust - I surely would not have believed in him. Why should we?

    But I'm convinced that his love is the most stable, reliable thing in the world. He surely hears your prayers. And cares about all you are going through.

    He said, "In this world you will have tribulations, but I have overcome the world."

    I hate all of our sufferings!!! But believe that God is working IN all these circumstances, for our everlasting good.

    He longs to connect with you - to comfort you, and help you through.

    I hope you won't give up.

    Love, Judy
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