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    I read your post on another thread. You said your insurance company will not cover Cymbalta until your doctor tries other meds.

    If I'm not being too nosy, what kind of insurance do you have? I

    I'm in a Milnacipran drug study and it is helping me a lot. The only problem is I have 8 more weeks and the study is over and I don't get the drug any more.

    My doctor says he will start me on Cymbalta immediately then. I'm nervous about my Insurance too. I have BC/BS Alliance and they question every name brand drug that is prescribed and make me and the doctors go through all kinds of red tape before they will allow it.


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    You could order Cymbalta online without a prescription from Pharmacy Geoff, a reliable online pharmacy. I have used it several times.

    You can get (10) 40 mg. capsules for $14. That is not really that bad a price. I get (30) 60 mg. for $50 co-payment with my insurance (BCBS). 40 mg. is a good daily starting dose. It could possibly be all that you need.

    When you get to Pharmacy Geoff, click on "generics" to the left of page. You will find generic Cymbalta (Symbal) there.

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    I have BC/BS and they pay for my Cymbalta no problem. No ? asked. I get that script from my shrink.Its been 8 months now and I take 90 mg a day.
    Its still expensive even with the Ins.62.00 for a 30 day supply.
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    Hi, I've been on Cymbalta for a while and I can say after researching it both here and Canada that there is no generic for it. I would really question the pharmacist where you are buying the "generic".

    My insurance won't pay for it as there is no generic and they won't pay for brand names so it is really expensive. I'm only on 30 mg so that isn't too bad.

    Be careful who you buy from on the internet--no reliable pharmacy will sell drugs that require a prescription legally without one.

    Good luck, piemom
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    I have Highmark Directblue. It is a division of bc/bs.Medco is for my prescriptions. I was up to 60 mg.and I felt great. At least the pain was manageable. What is up with insurances anyway? You would think they would be happy to accomadate their clients. It is probably costing more to have me go try every drug under the sun when we already know what will work at this time. Thank you for you for the info
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    re: cymbalta
    My internal medicine doctor put my on cymbalta 60 mg about 4 months ago after my rheumy dr refused to, rheumy said it didn't work for fm patients, but i was so sick and tired of being fatigued beyond words that the wellbutrin was NOT working at all and had not been for over a year. since i have been on cymbalta 60 i have felt better not as fatigued and my muscles don't seem to hurt as much, she did bump me up to 90 mg, but insurance united health care (uhc) does NOT cover 90 mg even if the dr writes it as a script of 30mg 3 x daily they still won't cover it, so i have to go and see my internal med dr every single month-pay my copay and she gives me samples. it truly is a shame that something that is working for me the insurance company won't pay for, maybe i will talk to my dr to see if she would write 2 diff. scripts one for 60mg and one for 30mg see what uhc would do then. i do wish you luck because i do feel much better since being on it, i seem to have more energy still nothing like i used to have but more since i have gotten this dreadful dx of fms. -donna-
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    Thanks for the info regarding Cymbalta and Insurance. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens. Nothing I can do about it now.

    It is good to know that drs have samples. I'm hoping mine will give me samples until I get the ins situation settled.

    My Ins, bc/bs alliance, denies every name brand drug until the doctor "recertifies" it. Then its a 3-4 week wait and I have to "reorder" it to make sure it is in the system.

    I notice you live in O'Fallon MO. I live outside of Washington, MO. It's good to know there's others in my area on the board.

    Do you have a support group in your area? I tried one here but they weren't for me. I've heard of one at St. Anthony's Hospital and have thought of going there but I do not drive on the highway. I go the back way everywhere so I don't have to drive so fast. Hate those big trucks. They intemidate me.

    What dr are you seeing? I have found that its very hard to find a dr that believes in this disease AND is willing to treat it. AND if they are willing to treat it, they will prescribe things other then PT and exercise.

    I think I've found a good one in Creve Coeur. He is running the drug study and I've gotten very good vibes about him. I won't become his official patient until October when the study is over.

    Take care. I'm so glad Cymbalta is helping you. I hope it helps me as much as Milnacipran does. I really like the energy you were talking about. I could sure use that.



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    Hi Toga:
    sorry i was off line for a few days, trying to get the kids ready for school and what not. I have to say that at times my doctor seems as if he is inpatient w/me. His name is Pierre Moeser. What is your doctors name? What study is he doing? I have not been to a support group, there is one off of hwy 94 at Harvester Christian church but I would rather try to find one that is more medically based to find out information. If you would like to chat my email address is I have not met anyone in my area that has this so often times I find it very lonely because my friends REALLY DON'T understand what I go through on a daily basis so I tend not to talk about my ailments. take care donna

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