Bell's Palsy smile?

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    please look at my profile photo......

    i updated my profile with a photo of my daughter's "crooked smile", which we have loved dearly for years now.

    however, we have just gotten a Dx of partial facial nerve palsy - the neurologist is using Bell's palsy as the working diagnosis.....for now.

    of course, i am exploring lyme disease as the cause.....would mean she has had it for years and the other Sx (migraines, etc) have been slowly sneaking in.

    a recent MRI showed she was clear of any brain tumor, damage, etc.

    we are awaiting some tests results - WB thru quest and this week i will get a WB thru Igenex.

    let me know what you think please. i have second photo i'd like to post too - that shows her eyes too.

    and BTW, we do not live in Alaska (as the photo might make you think), we live in NorCal and were on a visit to Tahoe so the kids could ski.

    thanks. lisa

    P.S. if anyone is wondering why i am posting here on the FMS/CFS board, i have both those illnesses and have learned a lot about LD recently and have realized that it may be my daughter's Dx. we are really struggling with getting answers for severe migraines and the facial weakness. also, she had a textbook bullseye rash in May.

    you can check out my posts on the LD board....i'd like to post her details on both boards, but don't need the drama.

    thanks, lisa

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