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    Hi everyone! I am Valley and I have tried so hard to find a support group I fit in with. I am a cashier at a truck stop and I deal with all kinds of people everyday. However I am kind of introverted and when I'm off work, I prefer to be in my house not going anywhere.
    I think work is getting to me a little bit. My feet hurt something friece after I've sit for awhile and then get back up.
    I am trying as best as I can with this fibro, but I keep a lot of my pain to myself. My family can't solve my problems so I just don't talk it all. Hugs, Valerie.
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    I'm sorry you're here, but if you must share these problems, you have definitely come to the right place. No matter what questions you may have, somebody on this board will either have the answer or know where to send you. When you start feeling down and need a laugh or two, check out the "Chit Chat" Board. Some of the topics over there would lift the spirits of a corpse.
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    Soak your little tootsies in hot water mixed with epsom salts..It works wonders. As for dealing with FM, we are all working together to help support one another..Here you are never alone.
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    Hi Val,

    I know how you are feeling about keeping your pain to yourself. I did that for a while. Family was wondering why I couldn't just get up and go places like I used to so I just tried to educate them about it. I sent my MIL this site address.
    I agree with the epsom salt and warm water. Maybe even just a nice bath after work also helps and is relaxing for the body and mind. Do you have a doc you can see? I wish you better days to come! We are here for you. Take care and have a good day doll.
  5. Shirl

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    Hi Vallerie, welcome to the board, you came to the right place, we can relate to your health problems and most other problems too.

    My feet used to hurt, and swell up overnight. But for the last year I have not had any problems with them. By the way I also have Fibro!

    Could it be that while you are standing at work that your circulation is being affected? That was not the problem with me, I don't work out, but when I would get up from sitting and mostly from sleeping they would hurt so bad that I would hang on to the wall to get out of bed and to the bathroom. After a few hours they would be find.

    I used a peroxide and epson salts soak for them. It did help a great deal. Just put a cup of epson salts and a half bottle of peroxide in a large container and sit and soak them for awhile in very warm water.

    Mine seem to quit hurting after I started taking Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate). I do know that most of us with FM/CFS has a deficiency in this mineral.

    I get Pro Energy from Pro Health, this board. You can go to the 'Store' link at the top of this board and read about it.

    My family is well familiar with what I have, I, like you kept it to myself for years, but it got to the point that I simply could not do all the things I used to do (age caught up with me I guess!), and I finally admitted that I could not function like I used too.

    I also like to be alone, I love being in my house, doing what gardening I can, taking care of my five 'fur kids' (dogs), reading, tv, and of course this board.

    Too much company just wears me out anyway. Even talking on the phone will stress me sometimes!

    My husband works for an oil company and is gone for weeks at a time, my children (3) are all grown and on their own, so I am alone a lot and am not complaining about it! I guess people like us enjoy our own company and like ourselves so we don't need a whole lot of people to make our life pleasant.

    I am glad you found our board, and I do hope you stay with us, will be looking forward to hearing from you often.

    Take care, and again welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    You have definitely come to the right place.Everyone here is so nice and are always so supportive no matter how we feel.My feet feel sore all the time and do hurt when I walk much.I understand about keeping pain etc inside,I'm that way too.But I'm learning that I don't have to do that here.My family has the biggest problem with my depression,they just don't understand why I can't "cheer up".But here everyone understands and that helps.Here's some (((((((hugs))))))) to let you know we love you.
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    So glad you found us---everyone looking for support and info fits in here, it's simply a great bunch of people, with common goals.
    Take good care and baby those feet once you get finished at work---I have found some great recipes for sugar scrubs on the internet. You can make them at home, and they keep your feet in good condition, and with added herbs and scents of your choice, are very soothing.
    Welcome and post often!
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    i'm very lucky that all my family is understanding. my momis my meals on wheels!sometimes my family would starve without husband is very supportful and so is my daughter who also has a mild case of fibro. i have 2 woman at work with it.also my massage therapist is really understanding and easy to talk to.i get sharp pains in my feet. they come and go.

    good luck
    kathy c