benadryl for sleep?

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  1. I know alot of you mentioned taking benadryl for sleep. How much do you take? Can you take it long term? Does it really help you sleep. Or do you think a OTC sleeping pill is the answer.
  2. CanBrit

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    I used to take a drug called Gravol to help me sleep at night. It's an anti-nausea OTC and it worked for years for me. The usual dosage is 1 pill but I used to take 2 at bedtime. It's extremely safe and non-addictive.

    As far as I understand it the OTC sleeping pills contain the same ingrediant as gravol. Benedryl is also considered safe. I would try the recommended dosage first and see if that helps. If not, take an extra pill.

    Hope that helps.

  3. applepansy

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    I have used Benedryl for sleep. I still take it when I need a medication vacation from my prescription sleep med.

    I started with 25 mg, but moved up to 50mg. Benedryl has always helped me sleep. If you take it long term you do need to drink extra fluids because benedryl will dry you out.