Benefits of Grape Seed Extract?

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    Could someone please remind me the benefits of taking GSE?

    I took it several years back and want to start up again.

    Dosage? Would love to hear others' experiences too.

    Thank you,

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    Thanks for the info, I read through the article- very interesting and I'm certain this will help me once again.

    I chimed in on your post....did you have any cholsterol benefit?

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    At this time there is not conclusive evidence that Pycnogenol can effectively prevent cancer. (see link below for details)

    Lots of Benefits (including cholesterol) and few side Effects of Pycnogenol :
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    I'm all for people speaking freely, it helps get info out into the open.
    Feel free to speak openly Leah, I know jam does and so do I, no worries at all, in fact it's very refreshing. It helps each of us make decisions about what may work for us and why something isn't working for us. We're all different in our individual health needs.

    Regarding research in hospitals using grape seed ex in their labs. Yes they are, unfortunately although some tests show positive outcomes in vitro sadly many fail to translate into the human model. They are trying many different angles to see if they can find a way of making the transition into the human model but we are so very very complex and it's quite difficult science to isolate the necessary variable(s) when they are billions of variables to consider.

    I know I am desperate for a cure for Leukaemia, I've tried GSE and pine bark extract but neither made any difference to attacking the Leukaemia nor improving my general health. They did cause thin blood as a result of reducing platelets too much so I was forced to stop using them, as unfortunately many other people have found in their desperate bid to beat cancer, Leukaemia etc.
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    Thank you.
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    So I had ordered a 400 mg GSE bottle , thanks to Jam speaking so highly of it. I had not started taking it and it was just sitting unopened.

    The other day I felt a cold coming on or some kind of allergy and I decided to try the GSE. In a couple of hours after taking it the cold/allergy vanished. I was quite amazed.

    But I was reading an article on overdoing antioxidants that has me a little worried. Does anyone have any comments on this ? Am pasting the link below.

    Love to all.
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    I take both Grape Seed Extract and Pine Bark Extract. I have definite proof that Pine Bark Extract helps reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. Taking too much of these two reduced my platelets too much and caused nose bleeding (as blood tests confirmed), so yes it is possible to take too many anti-oxidants.

    I have Leukemia so why am I take them ? To ensure I get a decent dose of anti-oxidants into my body as some days I am restricted by what I am able to eat.

    Do they do stop cancer, leukemia ? Don't know is the answer. If they do contribute to stopping DNA damage (which causes some cancers) then yes they would help stop some cancers forming.