Benefits of Nicotine (Tobacco)

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    Now I have NEVER smoked and loath it, honestly...but there is a major connection between "organic" tobacco and inflammation, I'm getting that benefit from Anatabloc (anatabine) is major ingredient. My friend sent me this from a lady she met at a health expo recently....we've been talking about Anatabloc SO MUCH and my experiences...I'm at the 3 month mark today:

    Benefits of Nicotine

    Yes, you read that right.

    And although you'll never find me lighting up - that disgusto smell and yellow teeth, no thank you! - I do now have more understanding about exactly why it's so hard to stop. Turns out nicotine has powerful healing properties.

    This is from Dr. Douglass, he's been around for a LONG TIME and a maverick with pharma:

    Another benefit of smoking

    Google Another Benefit of Smoking....

    And Please Please I'm not saying go smoke, no way....

    Just talking about the anti inflammatory benefits of Tobacco.

    It all started about 8-9 years ago when I was researching gluten intolerance and found a very obscure study in which nicotine demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties on the gut. What does long term systemic inflammation lead to? Autoimmune compromisation. And isn't cancer an auto-immune disorder?

    The light bulb appeared and proceeded to smash itself on my head as I remembered the final year of my mother's life.

    A smoker since age 12 and then in her 70's, she had had a lung collapse. Her extended stay in the hospital had forced her to do what her kids had been begging and bullying her to do for years - end her 60+ year cigarette addiction.

    What a good thing! all us children said to one another, nodding our heads. Except that almost as soon as my mother arrived home from rehab her lifelong bowel issues (due to what I now believe was undiagnosed gluten intolerance) exploded into an emergency - bleeding from the rectum.

    No one, including her doctor, ever thought the two changes - quitting smoking and a bleeding gut - were related.

    Know what my mother died of shortly thereafter? A particularly virulent form of lung cancer.

    Now, unquestionably all those years of inhaling chemical-laden cigarette smoke did damage to my mother's lungs. What's debatable in my mind, though, is which did more damage - the chemicals the cigarette companies added to her tobacco or the smoke itself?

    The other question that niggles at the back of my mind is whether or not my mother would have had a few more years of life had she been able to continue to experience the effects of her anti-inflammatory nicotine.

    Let me ask you smokers something - ever get the desire to light up just after a meal? That is indicative of having just eaten a meal to which you're having an allergic reaction (was it gluten-or-pasteurized-dairy-laden, by any chance, oh say, pasta or pizza?). You crave the nicotine to help deal with the inflammatory responses your body is having to the food.

    How I Would Quit Smoking...

    Step One: Whenever someone comes to me for help with quitting smoking, I always tell them the first step is to:

    •Continue smoking, but switch to organic tobacco.
    This eliminates all those chemicals (up to 600!) added by the manufacturer to commercial cigarettes. You'll have to learn how to roll your own, but don't skip this first step - it's critical! We have to reduce your body's overall toxic load in order to reduce your cravings.

    Step Two:

    •Focus on changing the diet to eliminate any foods you may be having allergic responses to, the top two suspects being pasteurized dairy and gluten. (There are, of course, many more potential allergens, but that is a much longer discussion. Contact me for a consult for more information.)
    Reduce the amount of allergic responses you're having to food and you'll reduce the need to use nicotine to help heal the damage done by those allergic reactions. The stronger your body, the easier it will be to quit because your cravings will be less.

    Step Three:

    •Eat Real Foods with an emphasis on lots of calming saturated fats along with moderate amounts of animal protein to support the adrenal glands and reduce overall inflammatory responses. Add probiotics and lacto-fermented foods to soothe the gut.

    Step Four:

    •Once your health is stabilized, then start the process of cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke.
    Am I condoning starting to smoke cigarettes if you roll your own and use organic? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. NO. NO. NO. DON'T START!

    Smoking makes your breath smell revolting, yellows your teeth and is expensive, physically damaging and fundamentally a cover-up (smoke screen, if you will) for what you really need to be doing - getting on a decent diet that matches your metabolic needs and is by design, anti-inflammatory and health-producing.

    Personally I've never smoked, thank god. But I will admit to feeling embarrassed about my past sneering attitude towards friends and family who had started and were struggling to quit. Just quit! I'd think, It's obviously killing you.

    Well, turns out it's killing you AND helping you! Ain't life a... ?!

    And according to Dr. Douglass, there is yet another new study confirming nicotine's anti-inflammatory ability to "help grow new blood vessels," to any area of the body that needs it.

    Another benefit of smoking

    People are reporting also healing Crohns disease with this supplement. I find this all so fascinating.
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    alkaloids from I believe organic tobacco...

    Just more info, Diane, I may be "hooked" on it to the end of my life, as I'm getting pain relief....and I'm sleeping even Greater....

    Look at all those who take Marijuana for pain....I've not gone that route and won't so for me this works....

    I have a friend who is 80 and still smokes those chemical cigs and she really has no pain to speak of....she's hyper as can be as she drinks coffee all day too....I see her today at bridge, she's bright and good bridge player, but a smoker and huge coffee drinker...I detest smoking....but I have come to love Anatabloc....
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    could do it, don't know...if you find info on that let me know...

    You just want to make sure ORGANIC and not all those chemicals added to the killing cigs out there....

    I'm no expert on all this, for sure, but I'm doing much much better, so something is working good. [This Message was Edited on 04/06/2013]
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    I've never checked them out, for sure.

    Maybe some day Kevin will give in and then wish he had done so long before....Many get some benefits from the trial which is $5 and I did that's why I have continued on....

    Living in PAIN is horrible horrible....and for me this is giving me some life back...

    My friend just bought the bottle after the $5 trial and she doesn't let loose with her money easily...says something...

    I find this all so fascinating NEVER being a smoker, smokers probably don't have a lot of pain issues but a lot of other damage going on...[This Message was Edited on 04/06/2013]
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    a carton of "killer" cigs a couple weeks ago at my market in the locked up case, on sale a carton $65!!!!!!!

    My big expense at the market is Fiji Water on sale...haha..
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    She still smokes. I asked years ago about it and she said it helped with any pain she had. So I guess she's hooked but also on the pain relief she gets.
    My son keeps telling me to get medical MJ but that route isn't for me.

    About the tramadol, I take it ONLY when I can't stand the pain anymore and then it's l/2 tablet which would be 25 mg. I absolutely won't take it daily, in fact when I'm in really bad pain, the most I've taken is for 3 days and then made myself stop.

    As to the anatabloc company, it seems to me it might be run on a shoe string and they're trying to do their testing thru people who want to try it and pay for it. I would think that if they're really serious about this they would pick so many people and put them on it for free and follow them along for about a year. It bothered me a lot when I read the independent review of the product and the company and the reviewer had a lot of trouble even finding a building......a lab, or where it is even made. I would love to find something to help with my pain, but down the road I wouldn't want to find out it wasn't good for me.
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    OA is inflammation...and depending how long one has this OA stuff depends on how much time it takes to feel relief...

    Didn't you say you had RA, thought I read that somewhere here...RA is inflammation for sure...

    Thinking about this woman (80) who has smoked for eons, she walks all over town, plays golf, she's weather beaten from being in the sun so much, she's thin and has osteoporosis I can see her upper back curving..but she has smoked SO LONG so it's benefitted her in many ways I now see....but I wouldn't pick up a cig for anything...CHEMICALS they add... plus inhaling all that poison...

    Of course, I have a friend who's husband smoked all his life and has horrible back everyone is diff as we know.
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    I've talked about Cheryl Reilly who has a site online re: crohns and Fibro...

    They just finished human trials on Hashimoto's disease...also inflammaiton.

    Tramadol did Zilch for me, got a script a couple yrs ago, nadda...I didn't take all of it, neither did Mobic help.... [This Message was Edited on 04/06/2013]
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    it's not from pharma remember?

    Big "P" could stand to lose some of their big customers
    just take the drug Hurmira for RA, I believe that is a very
    expensive is Celebrex for inflammation....and all the side effects that go with them...

    I follow many blogs on Anatabloc and this side of the issue is talked about a lot...Big "P" will do all they can, I'm sure to slam this supp, so many are reporting great benefits from it...and so many don't even know about it. jam
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    I used nicotine gum to get off of cigarettes, and it worked great - I highly recommend it for that purpose. For some reason it was much easier to then get off of the gum, than it was the cigarettes (I used the generic store brands of nicotine gum, much cheaper than Nicorette brand)

    The thing is, the gum has nicotine in it, which is highly addictive. It took a bit of effort to get off of the gum, although, again, it was much easier than getting off of cigarettes. You don't want to start chewing it just for any positive effects of nicotine - not a good idea! Also, I've read that long-term use can lead to oral cancer, like with chewing tobacco.

    Anatabloc does not contain nicotine per se and is not addictive although it is derived from tobacco and has some of the anti-inflammatory properties of nicotine.

    I tried the anatabloc and as a former smoker and nicotine gum user, can confirm it gave me none of the rush or craving that the cigarettes and gum do. It didn't help me and I don't think my essential problems stem from inflammation. I don't have pain, my CRP number is low, etc. But I am reading it's helping a lot of people with inflammation so think it's definitely worth a try, especially because the free trial is so cheap. But you can't equate anatabloc with nicotine gum - totally different things.

    When you're addicted to something, you generally develop a tolerance for it and end up needing more and more of that substance to get the same effect, and suffer very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you stop it.

    Jam may want to take anatabloc the rest of her life because it's such an effective anti-inflammatory, but that is not the same as being addicted to it. You can, however, get addicted to nicotine gum.

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    You would think tobacco companies would be eager to get involved in this, which would probably be a good thing - what do you think, Jam, with all your reading on this?

    Tobacco companies I'm sure would love to find a profitable new use for tobacco -

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    out there on this as some call it a miracle supp.

    Anatabloc: A Solution for Chronic Pain
    I don't have my speakers hooked up anymore, but here is a youtube with a bunch of comments:

    I remember in all my "travels" studying this supp, seeing large containers of tobacco that the company uses for this product, I think it was from VA.... I'll have to look for that info again, I'm curious more as I am deeper into this supp.

    I don't think Anatabine (main ingredient) is made from tobacco and green tomatoes, etc. but from the Alkaloids in these plant foods...[This Message was Edited on 04/07/2013]
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    has been taking Anatabloc for going on 9 months now, he tells me this about "tobacco"..

    ((They have not used tobacco for years and years. Call the doctor numbers. They have a patent for sythesized version which can be made without plants.))

    Remember this company FIRST came out with CigRX yrs back, how many I don't know, but this was to help people get off cigs...