BENIGN FASCICULATION muscle twitches, spasms, and jerks RELiEF OF

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    I have noticed during my searching of the internet, a similarity between people suffering FMS spasms, twitches and jerks and the neurological condition of Benign fasciculations, both conditions are a bit of a mystery, and the same causes have been expressed by experts as possible causes i.e stress, trauma, virus/bacterial connection. On reading message boards on benign fasciculations and seeing some similarities with certain symptoms experienced with fibromyalgia, I came accross one message claiming relief of the fasciculations using a digestive enzyme known as lipase in high dosage since using this along with other digestive enzymes, I have found it to greatly reduce the spasm symptoms of FMS. I also take a vitamin and mineral complex, probiotics, and evening primose oil with cod liver oil. I'm pretty sure evening primrose oil helps reduce tension and fatigue, and has greatly improved my energy levels. It seems to me that FMS is more than one thing, but rather a combination of certain illnesses, ie, stress, neurological, viral, bacterial ect, basically the immune system is taking a constant battering and is struggling to recover from a nasty cycle of stress/ trauma which equals lowering of immunity thus causing viral or fungal or bacterial symptoms which in turn can cause neurological complaints ect, ect. which came first might not be clear though. I have however noticed one thing and that is that working on treating the digestion process and assuming there may be a pancreatic enzyme sufficiency, or some such malfunction in the proper breakdown of foods, my health has greatly improved. I have one product left to try in my armoury against FMS, and that is goldenseal root, I hear it is good for digestion, but also as a anti viral, anti bacterial and anti parasitic agent. It also has a high concentration of berberine in it which is a well documented anti imflammatory agent. This should complement the evening primrose oil I am taking as E.P.O has a regulating effect on imflammatory prostroglandins. (spelling??) evening primrose oil contains GLA which is essential for the breakdown of fats into essential fatty acids, which are also implicated in the absorption of vitamins, thus inaffective breakdown of fats into essential fatty acids would cause a deficiency of important fat soluable vitamins such as A and E amongs others. One thing I would say though to anyone considering taking E.P.O is that if you have ulcers, it might give you chronic stomach pains to start with, but if taken in conjuntion with probiotics and digestive enzymes it should'nt be a problem. Also I would like to hear from anyone who has taken goldenseal, and if they have found it beneficial. ..cioa..
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    I am glad you found a combo that is helping .. I found help with the twitches and such with coral calcium and magnesium.

    Hope you continue to improve..and thanks for the info. I am going to read yet some more on evening primrose oil. It sounds very helpful for alot of ailments. Have a good day! Sherry
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    Twitches & spasms being one of my most annoying FM symptoms, I'm always interested to hear what has worked for others. Thanks for the info!

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    kind comments Highrisk, I am no longer online at home, so I use the public library for access to the internet so I'm not online as much as I used to be Hope if anyone trys my combo they find it helpful. If I see any further improvements using golden seal I will let you all know, I feel so much better know than I was a few months ago. I'm know far more positive and optimistic. When your in so much pain as I was you can't even think straight as I'm sure your all aware. I wish everyone well and hope that whatever you try in your quest to get better, that it works well for you. ..... see ya .....