Bentonite Clay

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  1. MomsCompassion

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    Anyone tell me about how Bentonite Clay can help fibromyalgia?
    I am new to the board. My daughter was dx about 18 months ago. She is a "newlywed".
    All you mothers and fathers can relate to a mom's heart when your child has a debilitating disorder.
    Thanks for your help and support,
  2. TigerLilea

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    I doubt very much that Bentonite Clay would help FM.

    Bentonite clay is a very absorbant clay with dozens of industrial uses such as drilling, lining landfills, cement, adhesives, and cat litter.
  3. MomsCompassion

    MomsCompassion New Member

    Thanks TigerLilea
    I believe I read somewhere that clay baths would absorb toxins from your body. Basic Anatomy & Physiology states that your skin is the largest "organ".
    Maybe just good skin care?
  4. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Most people take Bentonite clay internally believing that it removes toxins from the colon. It is one of those alternative remedies that I don't believe has any science behind it.

    Has your daughter tried taking low-dose Amitriptyline? My sister-in-law found it worked quite well for her FM. Also, walking really helped her. At first, she thought that the physio was nuts recommending this, however, she found after a few weeks that it actually did really help her. It isn't a cure, but it was enough relief that she was able to return to working full time at a senior's care home.

    One more thing; has your daughter had her Vitamin D tested? The name of the test is 25 (OH) D. Some people with FM have found that they are low in Vitamin D and when they started supplementing with Vitamin D3 their FM improved as their Vitamin D levels came up.
  5. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Moms...,

    I started a thread last year entitled "Detoxification Clay / Clay Foot Baths Work Well for Me". It can be accessed at:

    I feel clay foot baths help with some of my CFS symptoms. Not sure if they would help with FM symptoms or not. But I can't help but think they would be a helpful adjunct to just about any health program.

    Best to you as you look for some effective therapies for your daughter.

    Regards, Wayne