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    what doctor would you see if you are having problems with your digestive system. someone that can help me with keeping my food in my body and not come out in my fetus.
  2. goneee

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    I feel your pain. I went for over a year and in that year was hospitlalized for dehydration due to irritable bowel syndrome and saw 5 different gastro doctors. Finally, I found one that believed what I was telling him. I was first put on Xifaxin, which made me worse. Then after I was put on Difulcan (anti-fungal) for 6 months and Proboitics, things started settling down. Even though I do have IBS, more so during stressful times,Candida was also my culprit. I still see this particular Gastro doc, but have found a PCP which not only practices western medicine but also Intergrative Medicine. I am being treated me with different supplements, etc amd so far all of my misery has gone away. I don't even have to take Protonix anymore for GERD. Amazing how the body in so many cases has the ability to heal itself naturally without prescription drugs and the side effects that go with them.

    Good luck to you and I hope you will be feeling better very soon.

    Take care,


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