Best AntiVirals in Your Experience?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bree~leigh, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Hi All,
    For the viral load component of my CFIDS I once took Kutapressin shots which were very heflpful then taken off the market and I crashed big time. It is available again, but entails daily shots so probably won't go back to that.

    Then I started Imunovir-Isoprinosine which was very helpful but very expensive since I get it with a doc script but through Canada since it is not FDA approved (read Byron Hyde research)

    of all the antivirals available, which have you tolerated well and had success in reducing your viral symptoms. My viral load is active EBV and CMV.

    Your input would be greatly appreciated. Bree
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    Try using Turmeric (the herb, not the spice). Take 1 capsule 3 times a day. Should put it in remission. Is also good for inflammation, cardiovascular health and vertigo. Is cheap, about $10 at most health food stores.
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    Hi. I'm using Allimax rescue spray, and Transfer factor immune spray. Since Dec. I have been going back and forth from WY to San Diego because my mom is dying of cancer. In all this time I have not gotten sick.

    Everyone I know has come down with a cold or the flu. I have not gotten sick yet, even with all the stress and flying. It's got to be this stuff because I have an immune dysfunction.

    You can goggle these and find out more about them. Tumeric is good for inflamation and viruses. I take that too.

    Take Care,
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    Hi, Bree,

    Did you know that Nexavir is the successor to Kutapressin, and it comes in a gel form? You spread it on your skin. CherylSue has had good results with it. She started a thread about it.

    I am using Virastop and have a thread about my experiences. It's too soon to tell if it's effective, but I like it so far.

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    Hi Bree,

    I'm currently pursuing the prescription antiviral route but am not sure yet whether I'd recommend it. Give me a few more months.

    The other route I'd be inclined to pursue is Transfer Factor. My goal would be to get one to cover a wide spectrum of stuff. ImmuneCare 64 by Immunity Today seems to have the broadest range of antiviral activity. (That's the one that Delia used for about six months, before starting the methylation supplements. She reported some improvement from it.) The ones sold on this board are worth looking at too, especially if chlamydia pneumoniae (a nasty bacteria) also is present.

    For good info on transfer factors, google the following:


    Note that I've only taken non-differentiated transfer factor since the combination of the specific ones (as described above) combined with the prescription antiviral I'm taken proved too potent for me. I plan to definitely try them again later, and most likely will give Virastop a go too. Nexavir is a possibility, although it's kind of on the expensive side.

    Best, Lisa

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