Best B12 test???

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    B12 - Were you tested?? 06/02/03 11:19 PM


    To those on B12 - were you tested?
    I asked my dr. to test me for b12 deficiency and
    he checked anemia and red blood cells.Shouldn't
    he have done a specific B12 test? I have
    read that these can be very beneficial to us
    even if we are not low. He wouldn't go for that.
    I have sublingual tabs but haven't started yet.
    Am wondering if I should wait until I am tested
    for an accurate reading.
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    And you need to be off any folic acid supplements, including the extra they sometimes sneak into cereals or orange juice (read the labels), for at least a week before the B12 test. They usually check both B12 and folic acid levels at the same time. Have you had your ferretin level checked as well? Severe B12 deficiency can show up on regular blood screening sometimes. Did he/she do a reticulocyte count?
    BTW, this is why I am NOT on B12, except for what is in my multi-vitamin. My mother had Pernicious Anemia, so I am at increased risk, but when tested, my B12 level was so high it was almost out of normal range.
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    A standard CBC should give hints as to whether you are deficient in B12. If you are, the "MCV" which measures the size of the red blood cells, will be very large. If this is not seen, then deficiency usually is not present. Meanwhile, it wouldn't have killed your doc to do a B12 and folate level anyway, even if he doubted it as a cause. Unless you have pernicious anemia, it is unlikely to have B12 deficiency, because the body generally stores uip to three years worth.
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    but there has been some research (mentioned I believe by Cheney, someone else here will remember better than I) which shows that in CFIDS cases, there may be enough B12 in the body, but a deficiency in the brain, and this doesn't show up on ordinary tests.
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    My standard B12 blood test was at the high end of normal. My multivit/min provides enough and I do eat animal protein.

    I too saw Dr Chenney's comment about not enough in the brain so I did some research and discovered methylcolabalamine (probably spelt that wrong) a sub lingual form of B12 as used by the brain. You can find info on this through immune support.

    I felt injections or further supplementation with standard B12 would be a waste. I do feel it helps though in my desperation I'm sure I took too much to start with. One of my headaches types has definitely improved and I feel it worth taking since neurotoxins are implicated and this theoretically should help with those.

    Orthodox doctors do not accept this form of B12 makes any difference, so you will have to make your own mind up about this.

    Good luck.

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    I take a multivitamin with B12 but don't remember
    if I was on it when I had the test. Probably was.
    Getting my dr. to run blood tests is like pulling teeth.
    I am on prevacid, Lortab, zololf, zanaflex, sometimes
    xanax and sometimes ambien, allergy meds, etc.
    He says nothing I take effects the liver!

    I don't really know what he tested me for. They
    do the bloodwork at his office (drawing it) so I
    never saw the slip. I just know he didn't do
    the specific B12 test.

    Tansy, I have read about the b12 you mentioned
    and I do buy that one, right here.

    Klutzo, to my knowlegde I haven't had the ferritin
    test nor the other one you mentioned.

    WOuldn't it be wonderful to find a dr. who could
    do all the work while we can work on recovery
    and not have to come up with all the ideas.
    It's so difficult getting up each day, let a lone
    being the one doing all the research, etc.

    I told my friend the other day that what I need is
    a personal medical planner. Instead of a personal
    shopper. I want someone to sit down with me and
    let them be the brains of the outfit and figure out
    who to see and why. Our brains have enough
    problems without having to wade through
    research, theories, etc. Sorry for venting.

    Thanks for the answers.


    PS My RDW sometimes runs below normal
    as well as MPV. Not at the same times
    though. Anyone know what those mean?
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    helped me the most. I do the mega dose injections. I can tell when it is time for another, my energy dwindles. When I started them, my physician gave me copies of Cheney's study about blood levels and brain levels being different. It has been a God send for me.