best beds for aches and pains

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rafriend, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. rafriend

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    hi all, am looking for some info on beds, pillow tops, and all that. i've heard of better beds helping people with back and joint pain and would like to know if any folks with fibromyalgia have been helped by any particular beds.

    i'm asking for a friend who is 53 with about 30 yrs rheumatoid arthritis, around 30 operations, and one tired, wrecked body. because of muscle deterioration and generalized weakness from several health issues, she now spends about 18-20 hours a day laying down.

    any info would be appreciated.

  2. jka

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    we just bought a new bed.we got a sterns ans fosters double pillow top.we found it at a discount place.they are cheap-but it sure is worth it.i don't wake up every time i roll over any more.and it doesn't hurt me.hope this helps.

  3. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    know what you guys are talking about. Bed!? I haven't slept in my bed for years, it's impossible to sleep flat. I sleep in my recliner. When I sleep.
    My lower back just spasms endlessly if I sleep in the bed. Even two hours will wreck me. Sometimes I sleep sitting straight up. No fun at all.
  4. SheriAL

    SheriAL New Member

    I have slept on Sealy, Simmons, and many other mattresses including Sam's wholesale matresses...

    I have to say that it is a pleasure just to think about getting into bed at night on my kingsize Select Comfort, the one that Paul Harvey advertised..They now have stores in the malls..

    We bought the classic king, no pillow tops and extra cost.
    We bought an egg crate rollout top cheap and put it on top of the mattress, and then a good mattress cover...

    I never go to bed not in pain...however it keeps my body aligned well, and I can adjust to firmer or to softer on my side of the bed...

    My 89 year old father in law bought the first select comfort I had heard of before they had the stores in the mall to see them. He is still sleeping on his 8 years later and we have had ours 7 years , no sagging and we love it...

    Hope this helps you for your friend. The simmons, sealy and others are in the same price range, which is high...but this select comfort will not sag and you will not roll in the middle of it in 1 the other expensive mattresses I have mentioned...

    sheri in AL
  5. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Isn't that strange. I have many back problems and
    a recliner is the worst thing I could do for my back.
    I have one of those relax the back ergonomic
    back chairs. It supports your body in alll the right
    places. I do find it difficult to be in it for hours on end
    though. THe only place I am happy is in bed or a hot

    I bought a few inch deep, plushy type topper to put
    on my bed. I need a firm bed for my back but it hurts
    the FMS. I love it now with the topper.

    I am dreaming of a hospital bed though. At home,
    of course.
  6. elaine_p

    elaine_p New Member

    I have CFS, not fibro, so your question might not really apply to me. I've had a waterbed for the last 15 years, but after moving the dang thing last year (waveless, heavy, heavy, HEAVY mattress) I thought about changing to a regular bed--one I can move myself when I need to!

    My dad visited last year and I let him have the bed. He said his back hadn't felt that good in years (of course, he probably sleeps on a cheap mattress....).

    Anyway, I might just get a lightweight non-waveless mattress the next time I need one (they're much cheaper, too!). Or I'll be posting my own "bed question" when the time comes! :)
  7. klarry

    klarry New Member

    I heard Paul Harvey touting the Select Comfort and decided to try it. You can call the company and receive a free video that explains the concept.
    We ordered ours before there were retail stores in our area. It has dual controls so that my husband can adjust his side apart from my side. You can firm up or soften your mattress depending on your pain.
    I also have a single Cuddle Ewe pad on my side of the bed. My husband doesn't need the extra cushioning, and a single pad is much easier for me to shift (you must turn it every time you change the sheets).
    Hope this helps you. It has definitely helped, though not cured, me.
  8. rafriend

    rafriend New Member

    this is the first time i've used these boards or any for that matter. i'm not sure if i'm doing the right thing to get my thanks in the right place. i'm trying.

    i especially like the idea of the topper, maybe that memory deal. we are in a small place and my friend likes to sleep in the living room where she can still feel a part of things. her sofa is pretty comfortable with the two egg crates i put on it (mainly in response to impending bed sores), but i keep thinking there ought to be something better for aches and pains. so maybe i could get a memory topper and somehow make it work.

    they are so expensive though, so i wouldn't take the risk unless more folks recco it.

    thanks again all for all the info

  9. bakron

    bakron New Member

    She might benefit from the Select Comfort; it's not too "pricey." However, if she has a good firm mattress, she may want to simply purchase 2 egg crate mattress pads and place them with "teeth" together, then purchase a mattress pad to cover the foam. This works wonders; however, the bed needs to be firm. If the mattress is not firm or too worn and finances are a problem, place a piece of ply board between the mattress and box spring, then the 2 pieces of foam and mattress pad . . . this works very well.