best childbirth method for FM

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    I'm working on my birthing plan, and wondering what the best plan is for my FM. My muscles are pretty sore, and I get weak easily, so I want to make the best choice possible to limit wear and tear on my body. Any ideas?

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    I don't really know what to tell you about your birth plan, but I wanted to say congradulations and I wish you the best of luck! Is this your first child? I bet you are excited!
    God Bless you and baby!
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    I am a Certified Childbirth Educator through CAPPA, so after reading your post I wanted to reply:

    I feel that if you are sore in your muscles and tire easily, you could go the bradley method/epidural. Bradley is so family centered, and your husband can help you focus on relaxation, and gently massage your body. You can also use a doula for this so this would free Dad up to just be there for you! When you get to the point when you are ready for the epidural tell them you want a small dose, and ask if you can let it wear off the closer to birth you get. By the time you have gone through transition and are ready to push, you should be relaxed enough not to hurt too bad, yet feel when you have to push. Mother lead pushing I feel is the best. Work with your body not when they tell you to push and count to ten. This is working against your body, and I feel might make things really bad as far as sore muscles. That is really quite a strain...either way but if you work when your body is contracting, then the baby and mother work as one, and there is less stress on you Mom and your muscles!

    If you tend to go into flairs rather easily, then I would talk to your doctor about pain meds throughout the delivery. You can still experience the joys of mother lead pushing, and "natural childbirth" and still be on pain meds due to the FM. All childbirth is natural, you have to make the choices that is right for your family and for your body! Just realize, that sometimes it doesn't matter how you get it here, just as long as it is healthy and strong.

    I hope that I have helped a little bit
    Good luck sweetie! If you have any other questions I usually post on the chit chat board!!
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    I have heard that water birth is much easier on the muscles and some times shortens the length of labor. I also recently heard that tieing a towel at the end of the hospital bed and grasping it while pushing makes it easier as well. Congratulations and good luck!