best deal ever?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by blueski31717, Oct 23, 2007.

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    I just want to know what was your best deal ever?

    Mine, about 10 years ago I went to one of the " mart " stores and they were having an after christmas 90% off sale.

    Well I look for those every year and save up for them. I usually supply all of my friends with their holiday needs. lol

    Anyway I had 2 buggy loads of items of x-mas stuff thinking well at 90% off I will stock up.

    I got to the cash register and the lady began scanning the items. She put in 90% then scanned the item and again put in 90%. I attempted to tell her she was doing it wrong as I always watch my prices.

    The lady told me no she was doing it right. Again I attempted to tell her she was scanning it wrong that she needed to only place 1 of the 90% on it.

    Again she told me she knew how to do it. Well...I shut up. This lady was ringing my items at 90% off of 90% off which ment I was paying 1 cent on a dollar.

    I got 2 buggy loads of stuff....alot of animated things . I bought 100 of those big red bows for 1 dollar,penny apiece. an animated santa was 25 dollars yep I got for 25 cents.. and much more...Both buggy loads were only about 6 dollars.

    Anyway, when I left I thanked the lady and she was just puzzled on how little I payed lol.

    Have never come across that again, I can only hope.

    Here is hoping all your shopping is like above....
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    i've never gotten a deal that good! But always searching for one!,,,,,i remember giving a clerk a $10 and getting change back for a $20,,,,,,,,,,,,Hey you did Good!!,,,maybe the clerk was a new Trainee!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hope that can happen to you again this year!