BEST dr. in Riverside ,Cal.

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    Hi, I'm new to posting so please bear with me if I mess up.
    I' had this DD almost 2 years now. Some one posted for a doctor in Riverside county or San Diego Cal.
    I wanted to tell everyone who may be close to here about my WONDERFUL dr.DR Marion Smith is the most conspiatent and sincer dr. around. He belives in this DD. and does every thing he can do and goes the extra 5 miles for you.
    He reminds you of a old time country dr. who treats you and takes chickens for payment.
    Dr Smith updates himself with all knowledge availbe and takes the time to listen to you and does not rush you thru the appt.
    I just went to see him today.My dd has been under control for several months now Despite a out of state move to Texas
    that left me in per diaster.
    anyway have been putting off going to see Dr. as he is a hour away and the driving kills me! daring husband who is very suported MADE the appt. and basicly carried me in. I'm so pleased he did as Dr. changed 3 of my meds .
    To end this on a happier person but still in pain till new meds. kick in I wanted to let whoever needs a VERY GOOD DR.

    DR.Marion Smith
    3975 Jackson St.

    Please everyone KEEP seeing your Dr. Don't wait because your feeling better as I did and now have a major flare up.
    DR. say you become amunded to meds and evently and then when you are really feeling GREAT a MAJOR flareup comes.