best ever m.e. film free to watch voices from the shadows only in USA

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    this film is made by the same person who put together the invest in m.e. book
    sofia mirza's mother is in it and its not to be missed

    Voices from the Shadows is available to watch online in North America, free
    of charge, in a special arrangement with Mill Valley Film Festival in
    co-operation with MUBI.

    If you would like to watch this hard hitting film and are in North America,
    go to

    where you can stream it, but you
    will not be able to download it for later viewing. It will be available
    there for the duration of the festival and until October 30th.

    We think you will find it intensely moving, compelling and even informative,
    but for those who are very ill it can be a tough film to watch because it
    brings home the heart rending reality we are faced with. It is not suitable
    for children with ME.

    United States, Canada


    If we had it our way, you'd be watching this film right now instead of
    reading this message.

    Unfortunately, the rights to show even a single movie online are often
    divided amongst distributors in different countries, which puts something of
    a damper on our plan to make great films available the world over.
    (Sometimes the convoluted situation of movie rights has its fun: see our
    blog <> for an example <> .)
    Rest assured, we are working hard to acquire the rights to show all our
    favorite films all around the world.

    Keep checking back - good things can come to those who wait.

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  2. simpsons

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    i have not been able to watch it yet just snips so thank you for your feedback

    i have had the same comments from others who have watched it too

    please spread the word and get everyone in north america to publicise it

    please also share your comments on what you saw

    love simps

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