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  1. tanu

    tanu New Member

    Hi ,Just wanted to know which FFC doctors have you been really happy with and how long have you been seeing them.
    Also if you would like to mention any clinics you were not happy with and why.This would help those seeking help allow them to choose wisely.
  2. hopeful4

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    Hi tanu,
    I have been to two FFCs, the one in Cleveland (8 months), and the one in Seattle. The center in Cleveland is very good, and many have been helped there by Dr. Juguilon. I switched because one opened up much closer to where I live.

    I have been going to the Seattle center since October '05, and find that Dr. Marti is superb. Highly knowledgeable, at the same time down to earth and easy to talk to. Willing to go the extra mile with you, and in your behalf; actually knowing that it's a marathon run.

    Curious, open, estute at interpreting the complicated labs, and how the various lab results are inter-related, and what they indicate. Follows a protocol, yet thinks outside the box whenever necessary. Can back up her diagnoses and treatment plans with research, yet willing and able to individualize for the patient's own needs. (I see this because both my husband and I are being treated by her.)

    She works WITH you, and is willing and able to make adjustments according to your response to medications and treatment.

    Hope you find the help that you need, don't give up.
  3. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I am in Atlanta and Dr Bullington and the entire staff from the nurses Rebecca and brenda to the nice lady who does the bloodwork are all very sympathetic, gentile and understanding. Dr Bullington is very straightforward and up front and never pushes anything on you. You may want to search FFC Cleveland or FFC Atlanta and so on to read in depth accounts of treatment at those centers. Lynn

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