best fibro doctor in Vermont

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    I was seeing a nurse practitioner in Rutland named Susan Dumas. She operates out of Dr. Mark Logan's office. She took all my symptoms seriously and ran a lot of tests to rule out other things that might be wrong with me. She tests my blood every 3 months to see if I am deficient in any vitamins, my thyroid and other things. She has sent me to a few specialists, who have also been really good. And she spends a good 15 minutes with you and really listens to you.
    Unfortunately one of the symptoms of my fibro is inability to remember things, so I missed a few appts with her, and the practice terminated me from going there anymore. I am currently checking into another Dr. A female whose specialty is internal medicine, but doubt I'll ever be able to find another practitioner like Susan.
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    recommend a fibro doctor in Vermont?
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    I would also like a recommendation for a fibro dr. in Vt
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    Feb 26, 2012 - Susan Dumas MS APRN BC opened
    HOPE Medical Clinic PLLC
    at 92 Allen Street,
    Rutland, VT

    The purpose of opening her own practice was to bring Hope to those patients who need special care and a case management approach. She looks at the Whole person, body, mind and spirit, - she treats primary care patients, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, celiac, obesity,anxiety and depression

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