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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by gatorfan, Apr 2, 2003.

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    my best friend( he's a guy, i'm a female) has aids. i want to be supportive, he know's i'm here for him. but part of me is so angry with him. i know he's gay, i've always known that and that was never a problem. but he would always sleep with who ever came along. he once told me that he has slept with over aa thousand men. it almost seems as though he tried to get infected. did he practice safe sex? no. so i have this anger towards him because now he's sick. his t-cell count is so low, it's aids, not hiv. next week he has to have his esophegus (sp) inlarged. said it is common in aids pt. for the espohegus to shrink. is this right? if anyone has any advice on how to support him and get over my anger, i would appreciate it. i love him, he's my best frined and has been for years.
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    To get over the anger you must forgive him and accept him for who he is. A gay man , that slept with alot of other guy people and didn't protect himself. And just be there for him. It's simple and Hard to do.