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    Hi, I asked this question on the diabetis board but there don't seem to be many people on that board.
    I'm hoping someone can tell me what kind of fruit is best to eat and the worse..I love fruit but with diabetis i'm not sure anymore now.

    please try to help me..

    thank you

    lorraine 50
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    When you ask about the best/worst fruit to eat, a few things come to mind...

    First I think of the sugar content and would suggest something with a low GI or GL (Glycemic Index or Glycemic Load). I believe bananas, pineapple, and watermelon, and probably other "tropical" fruit would be things to avoid, especially if you have blood sugar issues.

    The next thing is I've been reading a lot about the macrobiotic diet. They suggest sticking with fruit grown locally and seasonally in your area and climate zone. So if you live in the Northeast, you probably won't want to eat oranges in the winter. I see the logic of this from a nutritional standpoint. If you are eating an orange that was picked two or three weeks ago, boxed and shipped from New Zealand, you are probably not getting the full benefit of the vitamins and minerals a locally grown orange would have to offer.

    What also comes to mind are the latest findings on antioxidants and their importance to good health. Blueberries, pomegranates, and other deeply and brightly colored fruits carry the most antioxidants (that's what gives them their color) and therefore have the most nutritional bang for the buck.

    Lastly I think of fiber content. I love apples, especially the peel. The peel is also the part that has the most fiber. A whole orange will not only give you a lot of vitamin C, but it is better for you than just orange juice because it has a lot of fiber, also.

    My best bets for fruit then would be oranges, apples, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, kiwifruit, grapefruit, peaches, nectarines, and anything grown locally that you can get at the farmer's market.

    Now I'm hungry for a fruit salad!! :)

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    I am docking this info in my files. Great info.
    Thank you for your time.