Best Glutathione Supp? Whey Protein vs NAC vs Lipoic Acid

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Steve_Catelin, May 23, 2004.

  1. Steve_Catelin

    Steve_Catelin New Member

    We’re all aware of the exciting research into glutathione but I haven’t seen any real consensus on the best way to raise it with supplements. Can anyone attribute improvement to one of these supplements. Where there any allergic reactions or herx’s and could you say one is better than the other in your experience?

    I understand that these take 3 – 6 month to really affect, so I’d be very interested to here how people on them for that long have gone on.

    I'm aware that selenium is necessary and Vit C can be helpful but these support glutathione production rather than stimulate.
  2. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I have read that both NAC and Lipoic Acid are, particularly, important, and if my brain was not so muddled from lack of sleep I could probably find the article..(mother is in hospital) they work together..Whey Protein is more expendable, but I think that glutathione is of such supreme importance, that the more ways you can boost it in the body, the better. I do know that Lipoic Acid recycles so many antioxidants in the body, including glutathione, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, that it is surely one of the most important supplements you can take..see Dr. Cheney's suggestions..he indicates the same. Also, look at articles on has SO MANY BENEFICIAL EFFECTS, besides boosting glutathione..

    I had no herxing from either of these supplements, but then, that might depend on whether you have rid yourself of other ways..I have been through over a year and 1/2 treatment of OLE (Olive Leaf Extract), grapefruitseed extract, Oil of Oregano, Transfer Factor (presently, to work on viruses)-all natural anti-microbials

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  3. tansy

    tansy New Member

    NAC and ALA. started the NAC about 2 months ago and the ALA this week. I cannot tolerate the whey protein but I know others say it helps. I also take selenium, vitamins E and C.
    Some people seem to herx on the NAC but I do not think I have, sometimes it's difficult to tell with the fluctuations in our illness.

    Other posts on this board will no doubt give you more information. If we are all indeed low on glutathione then this approach would be worth while. I know doctors who treat us, as against tell us to learn to live with our ME, believe this to be the case.


    ANNXYZ New Member

    I use both ! And i think it is really helping ! It takes # mos of diligent supplementing to see improvement
    ( you may herx and feel worse for a while too. ) There is an excellent book on this subject "Glutathione " by Allen pressman ( $6) at barnes & Noble.
    Search "recancostat " a German REDUCED form of effective glutathione - though it is not cheap. My doc uses it himself and w/ patients .
    Drtomcat also wrote a great post referring to Patricia Kane and glutathione ( from "The Townsend Letter " ) . I found it and it was fascinating to read .
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  5. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Have you, personally, used Recancostat, and if so, how does it compare with other reduced forms of glutathione, and glutathione precursors, such as, NAC, and ALA. Is it a much more potent source, and as such, act in a more swift and effective way..maybe, more in the line of the glutathione injections/IVs, which have been discussed on this board?

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  6. Steve_Catelin

    Steve_Catelin New Member

    After doing more research, I’ve decided to try Lipoic Acid (250mg a day) and NAC (1200 – 1800mg a day). I might try taking each on alternate days.

    Although the discussion with Cheney sounded very positive on Whey Protein, I believe he was only referring to a few patients who hadn’t done well on all his other treatment. Although it may be a good alternative, there seems to be little research confirming its properties.

    It seems NAC is an established method to raise glutathione, although the right dose, and whether it’s abilities are directly dose related have not been established. Although it has lots of uses, these seem to be related to glutathione rather than any other property of NAC.

    Lipoic acid seems to be an even better supplement due to its ability to recycle glutathione and its other potent antioxidant properties. As it isn’t mentioned as much as other supplements I thought it might not have been as researched as well as others. However, it seems most of the research has been done outside of the US. As we get most of our research news from the US, that would help explain it! To support its validity, I found a study being carried out by the US Gov., using Lipoic Acid on HIV patients because they believe it to be effective in raising glutathione.

    I had been on the Whey Protein for a couple of weeks and although I can tolerate it, I think I may have a mild allergy to it, as my immune system seems to be struggling a bit. For example, I have a tiny cough from a cold I caught last summer from which I never fully recovered, and this has got worse in the last two weeks. It could be a herx but it’s such a mild infection; I’ve been able to suppress it before without any herx.

    Also, if these supplements take months to reach full effect, surely any herx should come so slowly, there wouldn’t be a herx, or at least it wouldn’t be felt in the first few weeks of treatment?

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  7. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Bump as this info very important
  8. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Bump for Tandy
  9. jasontz

    jasontz New Member

    My Dr. sells Nitroplex Protein Powder out of her office and it is very popular. It is the only whey product that
    my body can break down and digest plus it has IGF-1 plus
    tons of other stuff that our body needs. Most whey powders just make my stomach cramp as my body can't break it down and absorb it. No problem with this product. They have a web site you can find on a search. I take 1 scoop every other day. Sign up for specials as sometimes they discount the price.
    The product includes so many digestive enzymes and digestive aids that your body is able to absorb it.

    Good luck
  10. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm looking into the various ways to raise my glutathione levels also~ I believe its Selenium that produces it as well??. I'm going with the NAC for now(its already bought) but I plan on adding ALA as soon as I can.
    Much luck to all!
    Great post~
  11. ANNXYZ

    ANNXYZ New Member

    Hope Mikie reads this as she has been very sick
  12. nickname

    nickname New Member

    .......tried a product called All Immune from the Vitimmune web site. It sounds very good for raising glutathione levels? Any comments?

    I personally take NAC, ALA, selenium, vit C, l-glutamine and ImmunproxRX whey.

    I guess we should all be taking milk thistle (silymarin) too to assist the liver.

    best wishes

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  13. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    Just replied to you on my post.&lt;BR&gt;
    This is of interest to me too :)&lt;BR&gt;
    Love Bunchy x
  14. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    I've been wondering about you - I miss your posts on here!&lt;BR&gt;
    How are you doing?&lt;BR&gt;
    How did you go with the ALA as I'm thinking of trying this but am worried about the possible side effect of nausea?&lt;BR&gt;
    Bunchy x

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