Best immune support??

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  1. martyjjsf

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    Hi all. I've had FMS & myofascial pain for a long time but have gotten a bit rusty in the immunity department. I'd like to take some supplements for building immunity & am especially concerned about protecting myself from the flu.

    I did not get a flu shot this year because when I last took it (2 years ago), I think my immune system got overamped & it wreaked some havoc on my sleep, making the pain worse. This year neither of my housemates got the flu shot either so I'm extra worried about exposure!

    I'd love to hear what others are using/doing to help build immunity to flu viruses.


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  2. victoria

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    Thymulus by enzymatic therapies was a blessing in particular, as I had been getting the flu once a month every month for about a year, along with extra C (about 3g). I could literally tell the difference in about 3 days in how I felt. I still take it during flu seasons.

    I've also found that Transfer Factor is helpful as well.

  3. healing

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    I take Gallium heel, 10 drops 2x day, to support my immune system, as well as DHEA for adrenal health, InVite vitamins, and an herbal concoction called Astra Essence, 6 tablets/day. Most important, I try to get plenty of rest (well, that's all relative) and keep my stress level down.
  4. Mikie

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    The whey and colostrum sold here are of the highest quality and the best prices I have found. Dr. Cheney often recommends the whey which is sold on this site.

    Love, Mikie
  5. CelticLadee

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    I take 2 tsps. mixed in water 3 times daily IAG by Biotics Research Corp. IAG = Arabinogalactans which is derived from larch trees. My naturopath says he takes a tsp. in water whenever he feels a cold or flu coming on and it stops it cold. I am on a higher dose because my immune system is shot. Haven't had any colds or flu so far this winter thankfully.
    I am also taking natural anti-virals: L-lysine & elderberry & St. John's wort extract (flower)= Thorne's Hyper-Ex 2 capsules of each three times daily. These are suppose to be effective against herpes virus. I have been eating more raw garlic too as it is the safest oldest best immune system booster around. I and my husband have both chosen not to get flu vaccines anymore since reading all the dangers involved in taking them. We feel like we must keep our systems in the best condition possible now too fight off viruses. He works with people everyday and often in their homes so he brings it all home to me. haha. Hope this helps.