best mattress pad??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clueless, Jun 10, 2003.

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    I am looking for a mattress pad and Penney`s has a foam comfort-zone therapeutic and a white goose filled with a quilted top construction on sale. The featherbed is $100 and the foam is $70.The foam one is the kind that when you press on it, it leaves your hand print.I`m not sure which would be the best for comfort for my sore body. I`m a cool sleeper + often sleep with just the sheet + am wondering if the feather bed would be too warm? It boils down to which one would be the most COMFORTABLE. Would you please let me know what works best for some of you folks. Thank you!!
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    I can give you a choice, I have the featherbed, which I just got from QVC shopping channel, it is one that is by Northern Nights, uncrushable.
    It is wonderful. Featherbeds are not hot in the summer, they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I have been using them for years.

    I can't stand a hot house, I keep the a/c at about 69-70 degrees at all times. But I need something very soft for my achy body.

    Also I have the Cuddle Ewe (sold here at Pro Health), they are stuffed with pure wool. Believe it or not, it also is not hot! Just beautifully soft and cuddly.

    I was fortunate to get a queen size, and doubled it, put it in a duvet (on a twin size bed), so I have double softness...........

    Can't help with the mattress pads. I have extra firm mattresses with the above on them for softness.

    Hope this helps, I am sure others can help with the pads.


    Shalom, Shirl

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    I would NOT recommend the foam pad. I bought the one on TV ("you don't need to buy the whole bed" may have seen the ad?) and I was SO disappointed!

    It looks so soft when they press their hand into it. I couldn't wait for it to arrive. I had visions of me throwing myself onto my new bed topper and being enveloped in cushy softness and emitting a big, satisfying sigh.


    I didn't find it soft at all. Yes, you feel less pressure points, but there's no cushy softness by any means. I'm so sorry I paid $170.00 for this thing! Sure I can return it, but the thing arrived in a bag with all the air sucked out of it ("spacesaver bag") and weighed about 40 lbs! AFter you take it out of the bag, it expands. I would need a cargo crate to return the dang thing!

    Sorry so long, needed to vent about my experience. Go for the softness, not the foam!

    Good luck
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    We had a good discussion about this topic not long ago. If you do a search for mattress pads or mattress toppers, you should be able to find it.

    Hope it helps
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    I bought a mattress pad from Penneys. I can't
    remember what it's called. It's about an inch
    or a little more of fluffy comfort. I like it a lot.
    I think it begin's with a "C" and is two words!
    CUddle up comes to mind but I think that might
    be the wearable electric blanket!

    I don't think the handprint one would be so great.
    It all depends what you want. My brother has
    the pillow and when my neck was killing me
    he mailed it to me. I couldn't stand it. It was
    hard as a rock! I sent it back to him! LOL
    That heavy pillow sure traveled across country
    one time too many!

    Take Care,

    PS I wrote you an email awhile back called
    to Clueless. I can't remember what it was
    about but I don't think you ever saw it!
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    Thought I'd just say, as another hot person, go for the feather/down version. The foam will only make you hotter.

    Also my experience of foam pillows has also been they are so hard and inflexible, so have always retutned to my feather ones. The only foam one that I retain, but don't always use is the 'Dove' pillow, which is an odd shaped one, but gives great neck support.

    Would love a feather pad, just can't afford it!!! Enjoy it for me!!!!!!