Best medication for chronic fatigue and brain fog

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by VickyB, Jan 4, 2003.

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    I have already asked about the best medicine for pain and I got a great response! Now I am hoping that I can get advice for the unrelenting fatigue. I can go to sleep anywhere at anytime during the day. I have to take rests and lay down every couple of hours. It is terrible to force yourself to do anything and feel so lousy. Thanks for any advice anyone can give to me.
  2. VickyB

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    Thanks for the reply, I will ask my doctor about running that test when I see him next week. If it is an expensive test, I doubt that he will do it because the insurance company will not okay it. But I will try anyway. I use MSM is that the same thing as what you are talking about?
    Thanks, Sleeper01
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    I am still struggeling with the EDS and quitting work has been the best thing but since I am single its not so good for everything else. Had a 2 day sleep test and couldnt stay awake so sleep Dr. tried me on every stimulant known to man. Ritalin worked wonders for 2 weeks and then nothing and had awful shortness of breath from it. All the others didnt work. The provigil kept me awake but I was one big pounding headache for days. I came to the net and here and started magnesium and am a lot more functional. Can at least make a meal and pay the bills. I take 200mg morning and afternoon and then 2 ZMA at bedtime that has another 300 in it. Taking too much magnesium can lower your bp so keep a watch on it. Since starting the ZMA 4 days ago I have not had to take my bp meds.
    The msm is different stuff. I know I tried it some time ago but it made me sick, cant remember how.
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    I ordered the ZMA and ProEnergy. I hope this helps, I wish it wasn't so expensive. I always feel guilty when I spend money on myself especially since I haven't been able to work. Thanks, Sleeper01