Best migraine preventive meds without weight gain? Thanks

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Aug 14, 2011.

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    I am suffering with daily headache/ migraine with eye pain, nausea and all the usual symptoms that go with these DDs. I need a migraine prevention med (on Topamax but no change at all!) that will not cause weight gain... It's taken me 6.5 years to lose 40+lbs and I don't want to gain it all back...Thanks, Shelbo
    Ps...if something's helped you could you post the dose too? Thanks.
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    Dear Shelbo,

    I too have suffered with headaches and migraines for about 12 years with the eye pain, nausea and temp.! My psychiatrist prescribed a medication called Lamictal 200 mg. about 6 months ago and have not had a migraine since! I still get headaches occasionally but not bad ones. Lamictal is typically used for seizures, epilepsy and bipolar. He told me that many of his patients with fibro and or CFS who suffered from migraines were helped immensely by this med. Well, it sure worked for me!

    I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering so and totally sympathize with you! I hope that you will ask your dr. about Lamictal and do some research on it and maybe it will work for you. I was dx'd with bipolar about 4 months ago so my dr. just upped my dose on the Lamictal and I am doing really good. My moods have leveled out and I am learning to live with this new DD. Big coincedence that this medication works on 2 of my most major problems! I also have fibro and CFS and am taking Cymbalta and Lyrica and they help a lot with fibro pain and fatigue! I know how much you are suffering and pray that you get some relief soon. I know that there are some herbal supplements that work for some people too but not for me. So, I will stay on the Lamictal for it has saved my sanity! Good luck and keeps us all posted!

    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie

    P.s. I did not gain any weight with the Lamictal![This Message was Edited on 08/14/2011]
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    First, you have my sympathy - migraines are the pits. I've had a few in my life but cannot imagine having them daily.

    I've read that the herb feverfew may help with prevention. You'll have to google for more info - I can't post any links here.

    Also, I read awhile ago about a possible link between low magnesium and migraines, and low magnesium is so common with these DD. So google magnesium migraine as well. In order to post a link I have to get permission and it can be hassle to get that info, so you'll have to look it up yourself. Oh - here is a link it's okay to post from the U.S. government, about the use of magnesium to prevent migraines. It really seems to be significant, I think really worth looking into: - the last sentence reads: "High-dose oral magnesium appears to be effective in migraine prophylaxis."

    I've read the best form of magnesium to take is magnesium glycinate, I think it's better absorbed than other forms, and also is less likely to diarrhea. It helps me sleep too. Swanson Vitamins makes a good one.

    Take care-


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