Best supp. for lowering cholesterol !/thyroid help ?

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    Hi Jam, et all,

    I know i posted something like thois before and was trying to think of what wlse to use. Was it polychocenol (sp). I ran out of polysterol esters, I think tht is what it was and have been usuing flaxseed oil on the advice of someone . My choldesterol is fine but DH Trigycerides and LDL need work as they say.

    He was on Red Yeaswt Rice some time ago which did help I thik but I understand it is almost like taking a drug if you take it to often so I stopped it,

    Any other ideas are welcomed.

    ALSO IS THERE ANYTHING THAT MIGHT HELP HYPOTHYROIDISM ? My other doc put me on Armour Thyroid which seemed to be helping me and I was happy abouat that. Now my new doc, who I do like didn't like my new labs and want me to go back on Synthroid . He said my T-3 is high and is probably caused by the AT. He also said that T3 can accummulate in people my age, so is not recommended

    Thanks for any help given.

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    Policosanol and a good product is Now Foods brand. A friend just did a 6 month course of Red Rice Yeast as she "thinks" she wants her cholesterol to be 150...I think she's nuts.....There is a whole school of thought on having a too low cholesterol and you can look that up.

    On the Armour, I'd never go off it, your new doc just doesn't want to deal with Armour....Synthroid is crap and so bad for so many people.....It's good to have a higher T3.....

    For optimal thyroid health one needs to be in the higher range of Free T4 and T3.....and a very very low tsh.

    Check out the realthyroidhelp group.

    Are you not feeling good with Armour? Can you stick with your other doc for the Armour?

    Armour and Synthroid are like day and night....Armour contains T3 and T4 hormone, Syn contains only, of course, one's T3 would go up with Armour....your doc just doesn't know how to work with Armour, he's probably only pushed Syn all his guess anyway.

    If you are feeling good and healthier on Armour, why would one go back to the "cwap"...I call it. I had a short experience with Syn and Never again..... [This Message was Edited on 12/02/2012]
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    How high is your T3, just curious? Can't really say if I feel better on AT as I never really feel good. I cannot go to my old PCP as she is now in CA. My weight is more easily controlled and possibly my b/p too but I sort of started my AT and seems to do better also along with a higher dosage of Mag. which I started about the same time. He is a fairly young doctor as was my other one. They used to have 3 docs in office that owned a partnership. Unfortunatly things are changing and I don't think much for the better.

    I am wondering why my new doc says that my high T3 is probably caused by the AT and that T3 can accummilate in people my (our) age, so that it is not recommended. So, what is to much of T3 supposed to cause anyway?

    My overall cholesterol is 141, triglycerides 64 and HDL 53 and DH's are 196,162, and 41. It is hard for him to cut down on meat but he says he will try harder :)!!!

    TTYL ! Granni
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    your fairly young doc has been brainwashed by the synthroid corporation....they "pay" medical schools to push their stuff!!!!!

    Here are my thyroid labs from June and I take 135mg of Armour for some years now.

    Tsh .342 range is .350-5.00

    T3 3.80 range is 1.50-5.00

    T4 1.03 range is .50-1.55

    The Stop The Thyroid Madness book says that to feel and be optimal the tsh needs to be real low, and Free T's on the high end of range....I've followed the group on realthyroidhelp who works with the writings of this author.
    MOST on that group take Armour or Naturethroid.....MOST of my good friends take these 2 natural thryoid meds too.

    I hope your total cholesterol isn't too low, I've read some info lately on issues that one should NOT be so low.

    So you will have to do what you do with your docs....thank goodness I see only integrative MD's and they are very much in the know with the armour and NT.....

    Funny, you said you never feel good, but you go so much so that's puzzling....

    My total cholesterol is 191 but the other numbers are good for me and my age.
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    for cholesterol other than fish oil and flaxseed oil. We were taking polysterol esters I think it was and then I ran out of them and wanted to see what was going on. DH can use some help but not me. My glucose is also 88 and DH was 105. We eat almost the same stuff except I eat less meats. I eat little or no sugar and I buy low or no sugar stuff occasionally.

    If I am reading your numbers correctly t looks like you have a higher T3 than I. This is crazy.

    Well, I have to go do some other stuff now. Thanks for your info. TTYL !!

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    reading all the benefits of it....from high cholesterol, hypertension, anxiety, hair loss, stress/anxiety....look at the Insoitol info. jam
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    I'll check it out ! Granni