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    Last Friday I was getting ready to have my youngest daughter, her husband ,& my Grandson of 10 months spend the weekend with my husband and I. We were going to go to dinner and as my hubby only likes mexican food I was wondering what the baby would be able to eat. So my husband said why don't we go to the Blue Bird , It is a really nice cafe. Mostly known world wide for the chocolates that they make and sell all over the world. They have a really nice cafe that has the best food and a good price. It can be as fancey as you want or as comforatale as you want. My Doug dropped me off at the door so he could find a parking place

    I really didn't think much of this as he knows it is painfull for me wot walk long distances. So I walked in to the cafe and found my daughter and grandson sitting at the base of a long stair case and she was on the stool holding Braxton { he weighs 24 lbs}she asked if I wanted to wait till her dad got there or just go up the a room that was quiet and the baby would not upset people dinning.

    So we walked up the stairs and suddenly I was in the middle of door leading in to a large dinning room and my sister and her kids were there and my Daugther who I had spoken to the night before from Ct or so I thought was standing by me and hugging me and I Looked like I was shocked and surpriesed as I looked around and saw the ballon that were black and said " Over the HILL on them" And then there were more friends and family , My mom, family friends, my daughters and Sil's and my grandson, and just as I looked out my brother and his wife walked in to the room , to many this may sound like nothing but John has not been to a famliy dinner since my dad died over 30 years ago. HE does not amke it to christmas dinner on christmas day it is always at least 4 -6 days after christmas and the same with thanksgiving never there on that day so I was " SHOCKED AND SURPRISED ALL AT THE SAME TIME"
    There was a buffet of food from chinse sweet and sour chicken, veggies, salad, resh baked rolls, baked patatoes, and steak. And a birthday cake and at the table at the end of the room were pitcures of me as child, a teen ager my wedding announcement pitcure even on that was taken about the time I was in first grade.
    There were so many people all comming up to me and hugging me and telling me that even though my birthday is not till the 18th this was my surpirse party all planned by my daughter who is a nanny in ct. HOw she planed this and arranged all of it from so far away amazed me and I had tears in my eyes and I just hugged here and asked her how did you do this? I had not done things normallly that day.
    I had seen the pain doctor and then stopped in to a viedio store to see my neice who asked me " Where is Amanda"? I didn't think any thing of that question as I am always being asked that so I said in CT. Rylie thought that she had spoiled the surprise, but she didn't, then I went to get some gas in the car and my best friend Machele said so today is your birthday and I said , NO it is the 18th { You would think sciece we have known eachother for about 10 years she would not get it wrong every year but she does.
    And I still did n't think about it.
    I had white rose's by the pitcure and Machele gave me a presant and a rose too.
    So many people i said hi too and talked to and just was so over whilemed by al this.

    I so wanted to take my Amanda aside and tell her that she has brought so much joy and love in to my life since the day of her birth.She has made me happy when things were not so good. She may not accept the pain issue's I have but instad of telling me that I am doing nothing she asked me to take a class i some thing that I would like to do so that I could learn a new skill or something fun but to get me out of the house and maybe find some place to exercise as she thinks if I would lose this extra weight I would instantly feel better and not need the narcotic pain pills I take.
    The night was so much fun with several people giving me gifts and cards of there love and apperatation for the things I do for them. Once more I was ready to cry. I felt so special this night as I will be 50 but I don't feel like I am 50 I feel like I am 90 some days but emotionally I don't feel like I am 50 or will be by this weekend.

    I felt so blessed to have a daughter who cares enough about me to give me a party to celerbrate my birthday. She made me so happy and to be able to spend time with her since she lives so far from home was so nice. I just loved this party and all the friends who were there. It was just the sweetset thing she or any one has ever done for me. She is such a sweet daugter and a loving one too.

    When she is back in Ct and gets sick it is always me who she will call and "Mommy I don't feel so good will you just talk to me and make me feel like I am home again and you are sitting by me on my bed tickling my back and makeing me feel better just knowing how much you love me" I know that she really does love me even though she dispises my pain meds and my pain doctor. The night was great and I Loved evry minute of it.

    AS the evening wore down and i was getting tired my husband left to get the car and my friends waited till I had told everyone good bye so that they could carry all my things down the flight of stars so I would not fall down them. Then they waited for Doug to pick me up. It was a magical night and I will remember it for ever and ever. I will always hold a special place inmy heart for this daugther who planed all this out from so far away and made sure that it was a night to remember for me.

    The next day was all planned out too, me adn my daughters were all going to have a massage and a really nice spa called koki and there was one problem I had not shared with the girls as Like I said I had seen my pain doctor and had found out why my back was causingme so much pain.
    When I had my first daughter i had the epidural and when she was born her face was facing up not down adn she broke my tail bone and belive me I felt it so much adn the pain was worse than the labor. But since I was hemmoraging the doctors didn't do any thing for the broken tail bone and it has given me fits all the time.

    Well it seems that I have a lot of scar tissure and I have been over doing it in cleaning and lifting so I have broken off some of this scar tissure and he wants to go in and break it up but I think that it will only make me hurt worse but I had asked him about haviing a massage and he said that sicne I was so tender that day that no I should not do that but what could I do?

    She had arranged all this for me and her sisters so that we could all do some thing to gether.
    So I had the massage and while he was gennnntle I hvae never had so much pain and so much pain during the massage adn after it and it has lasted for the rest of this week.

    I really didn't want to tell her that I should not have had the massage as she has worked so hard to make the day speical for me but I am still paying for it. I will always love that she tryed to give am a day to remember having all my daughters with me for something special just for us. I am so proud and happy that she did this for me and it shoowed me that she has getten over some of this resesntment that she has had for me becasue I take pain meds.

    On the trip to get the massage she spoke her peice of mind,she feels that I should stop out right and not ever again take anything for my pain and if she had the money shoe would put me in a good rehap that wouel help me get off all the meds and help me to lose weight too. I really tried to explain that not all my pain is from the fibro but the symptoms of addiction are from the fibro. I am really sleepy all the time. I get fatiqued easily, I don't sleep well at night. but the rest of the symptoms are not there , I don't go from doctor to doctor,. or pahrmacy to pharmacy.

    I take the amount of meds that my doctor has given me and I don't ask for any more ever before my mest appointment , I son't take meds from anyone else, I am not stealing or doing stupid things like that. I am sleepy and tied and I don't want to eat much but when your back is hurting so badly you lose you appitite some times but these symptoms are what my girls are reading in to my being addicted to the meds I take.

    I told her that I will wake up at 5 am and take my MSIR 30 mg and eat some breskfast and then take the Mscontin 100mg and last but not least I take the soma to help me relasx and go back to sleep and then during the day I get busy and I for get to take my meds and some well most days it is 4:30 -6pm before I will take any more of the pain pills and if I were addicted I would have been showing signs of withdrawls by then like shaking and shivering and being irrational, and I don't , Yes I hurt but I have things I need to do so I do them and yes I take naps and I will doze off and if you wake me after I have taken a soma I will sslur my words but I don't feel like I am addicted to the mpain meds if I were would I not have taken all my pills?

    I have a bottle of the MS cONtin that is 2 moths old and I have not touched it as I am not taking all the pills he has given me. And at my nxt appt I will ask him to lower my doesage of it. so that I don't have so many left over. I have them locked up so that no one can get to them and I don't take them and I don't take anymore than the doctor hasprescribed for me. so I really wonder why they think i am addicted to these meds? I have told my doctor aobut th is and he tells me I am not showing sighs of addictiion but dependance. HE is amazed that I don't go intowith drawls when I don't take the MScontin 100 mg for 12 hours, he thinks that I should be having some with drawls and I don't.

    I don't even think about it, the only thing I have is that I sweat from my face all the time and I hate it but it is from taking the narcotics not from with drawls. So what do I do? Just leave it alone and not discuss it? I have told my daughter so save her money and not to worry about putting me in to a rehap program as I don't need it . And if I did it would be up to my doctor not one that she has found and he does not have my hyestory and the problems I have.

    Then to night my hubby comes home and gives me to cards one for the borthday and one for valentines day along with a dozen red rose's,IN teh card for my birthday there was a chck for $500.00 to do what ever I want with , NOt to buy food with but just for me and what I really want to buy.

    And I was so surprised that i did cry and I am so blessed to have a family who love me even though they don't understand the problems that come from fibro and the degenerative disc diesase , spinal stenosis, 2 buldging discs, arithihtis in both knees, back hips, left wrist, Chronic meyofacial Pain Syndrome, fibromyaligia, and asthma or copd, pluresy and bronchitis that I am prone to and phenomina. While I don't have them now I get them really fast and easily. Just from a cold.

    Amanda also broght me home some great bath produucts from LUSH and I really like them , she got me a lotion called Dream cream adn it does not smell so great but in a minute is smells like lavender, and she got me two of the bath melts called dreamtime, and bath bomb called waving but not drowning,. and my lotions bar called dream time and another bath bomb that is to make you rfeel al sexy and stuffand a massage bar that smells like cloves and cimminom but I think that it does not like me very well as it makes me itch so I may have to call them and see if they can refund it or send me the one called therapy that is more mildbut I love them all and I Love the bath melt for niights when you can't sleep you put it in a nylon so that you don't have cammonile flowers foating all over your tub and let it just melt in to the water and it really relaxes you to sleep goood. that night.
    Well I am going to go to bed now as I am really tired adn eed some sleep in my bed. AS my hubby is going away for the week end and I hate to be alone so it will be one of the nights that I will use the bath bombs to help me relax and s;eep and if I can't sleep the pain doc has given me some ting to lhelp me sleep not ambien but the other one that names just leaves me. It is not teh ambien CR either, But I think I might try it if I cna't sleep while he is gone.

    I just wanted to share my wonderful surprise wwith you all even though my birhtday is not till the 18th of the month is was when my daughter could come here for this party and I had a great time and wanted to share it with you all.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS TO ALL}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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    You have a great circle of people around you. It shows the type of person you are. Thanks for sharing all.

    I really can not answer on the meds. We are all different. We react differently and we do not have all of the same problems.

    I do not take pain meds. I have adverse reactions to them. I also do not like to be "zoned out". I do get zoned out with pain at times. I want to be in control of my surroundings. I guess they also scare me. My support group does not understand how I survive without such. But I am not them, I am not you. I am not better than you for sure.

    Your back problems are much worse than mine, so I do not walk in your shoes. This is between you and your Dr. I think. Maybe some of the others here will have better insight, I am sure that they will.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a nice lady! Many Blessings........Susan
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    What a wonderful birthday for you!

  4. katykat24

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    I am so happy for you that this happened.

    It's so nice to know you have people who love you so much. :)

    Take care of yourself.
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    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! I'm so happy for you.

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    I bet the look on your face was priceless! And you thought you were just going to dine on something other than Mexican food for a change! What a wonderful daughter! Daneen
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    Happy birthday and what a great surprise for you. I take pain meds too and all I had to do today was to open 4 windows and I was in pain from that.

    So happy you had a wonderful day!

    I don't have the disc problems that some have, that I know of.

  8. Kacjac

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    You almost had me in tears to read that!
    What a wonderful surprise!
    Congratulations, Rosemary!
    Hugz, Karen
  9. PVLady

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    I must say, I am so happy for you. You have a wonderful family!!!!

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