Betablockers, problems with? I'm new to this medication

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    I have been having tachycardia off and on for a few years, usually does not last long (couple days) and then subsides for some time. In the past few months I have had a rapid heart rate that is pretty consistent day after day, and more often causing increased fatigue. When I would rest, heart rate is still high.

    I started taking magnesium and fish oil months ago to try and help this problem, but with no success. I then went to the doctor a little less than a week ago who ordered ekg, echo (ultrasound of the heart), and 24 holter monitor. The ekg showed things were alright (they did witness the rapid heart rate), I have not recieved results for holter, but the echo showed I have a mild tricuspid valve regurgitation. It is mild and they said usually many can go without any treatment but since I was symptomatic (rapid heart rate and shortness of breath) that I needed to start taking beta blockers. To be exact, I was prescribed Toprol XL, I was told to take it at night as it will cause drowsiness but instead I was exhausted before taking it then after, I was wide awake. In addition to the unwanted insomnia (I have that issue on my own without a med side effect), my hands and feet were freezing! I usually have cold hands/feet and they will turn blue at times so I figure that my suspicion of Raynaud's for some time is becoming more obvious, or then I just have horrible circulation w/out Raynaud's. After I took that Toprol, the cold was intolerable. I put on a sweater and thick socks and I was still shivering in bed. I have a hard time sleeping with socks, or when I'm too warm, but I was unusually cold with hands/feet more so than ever.

    I read beta blockers are not something to take when a person has circulation issues with their hands and feet, but if you need it for your heart, then what do you do? I did not take the Toprol XL again due to the insomnia and intolerable cold and have just been taking it easy until I can speak with the doctor on Tuesday.

    I have a hard time taking this beta blocker, but I know I need to take it to help my heart, anyone else have any issues with this? Or anyone have any issues with Toprol XL or a certain brand beta blocker but had more success with another? This is new to me, I have been reading more and more but I'm try to grasp what is 'normal' and not with these meds. Any ideas? Advice? Experiences?

    *I have always eaten pretty healthy, and stayed away from things that could make me worse. Made changes to eliminate any factors that could antagonize heart issues and these symptoms.

    **I do have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, they checked my levels to make sure that was not the cause and the levels were good. I also have a normal BP, even though my heart rate is so high. I can have my pulse at 132 and my BP will be 117/75 the same BP reading if my pulse were to be 85. That stumps me a little? I always have had a good BP reading.
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    I was told by my internist that this one is the easiest one to take and no side effects. It must be true, I have no problems with it at all.
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    I have had periodic tachycardia for years and I used to be on Inderal (a beta blocker) and lots of water and salt.

    Recently, my tachycardia became much worse - all day - 100 bpm to 152 bpm - and at the same time I had blood work showing extremely low TSH (.02) and indicator of hyperthyroidism.

    So my gut tells me that the change has something to do with the thyroid - at least for me. It is hard to find a really good doc that will look at all blood tests regarding thyroid.

    I know thyroiditis can cause this too - the type that is triggered by a bug - virus or similar.

    I ordered a full thyroid panel from Life Extention - because getting doctors to look hard at anything for me is nearly impossible.

    In regard to beta blockers - there are quite a few to choose from and many can be taken it very low doses and can thus eliminate some of the side effects. I took 2.5 mg of Inderal and that is very very low.

    The only reason I had to stop the Inderal was because of possible asthma.

    Some here has had luck with magnesium powder sold here - as a natural type beta blocker. And CoQ10.

    I personally feel that when the heart speeds up something metabolic is going on. A heart doctor rarely looks at cause - just gives heart meds.

    You might also search under POTS - which many of us here have that contributes to the tachycardia.

    God Bless,


    Stay well hydrated with water and salt (sea salt preferably.)

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  4. mom3333

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    Msbsgblue -
    I am going to ask my doctor about the atenolol. If it is known to be one of the safest or least side effects, it's something I definately want to look into. (Especially if you have been taking it for 20 years and no problems) Many doctors I find push the newest medication - I know some get 'kick backs' for doing so but instead of trying something that just came out, why not give something they know has been working for years and will be easier on a person.

    Elisa -
    I agree with you about how they are so quick to give you a med to treat you without finding the underlying cause. I do have to be thankful for the doctor that is treating me for this. He did make the comment that there has to usually be some reason for this and that he was going to run those tests first. Although, I believe there is more to it as well. They tested my thyroid which was closer to the hyper end, it was abnormal for me, but they just look at the 'normal range'. I actually read the other day they changed the normal range for TSH from .03-5.5 when it used to be .05-6.5 or 5.5 but many doctors were still not aware of this. My heart rate has been very rapid even with a more consistent thyroid level, but there is always a link that needs to be atleast looked at.

    I have also been considering POTS more after I read your post and looked up more info on it. I have heard of POTS but I did not know the more detailed aspect, symptoms, signs, etc until I looked into it more and it makes sense.

    Caledonia -
    I have been taking melatonin as well but possibly not enough. What was more confusing about the insomnia is I took Ambien that night, which has been helping me fall asleep so well and actually stay asleep. I told the nurse about this and there was not much of a response due to the usual drowsiness effect from this beta blocker and that is why I was told to take the beta blocker at night since it would cause drowsiness. I am highly interested in looking into getting checked out for heavy metals! That is something I should do rather soon, its just a matter of finding a place that could do this. Also, I make sure that it is known when I get a new medication that I can be hypersensitive to some medications. It has happened many times before and I think it is a possibility this might be another case of that.

    Thank you all for the help and support! This was very helpful!
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    I wanted to affirm the advice to keep trying different meds until you find one that works for you. There many different kinds of meds for your condition, don't stay on a drug that makes you feel lousy when there are alternatives.

    I was prescribed lanoxin for my heart arrythmia. I take half the prescribe dose and it regulates my heart beat very well without any side effects that I notice.

    Six mos ago, I developed high blood pressure, My dr prescribed toprol, but said there were many other meds we could try and we'd just keep trying until we found the right one. Even though the dr recommended taking it in the morning because it can cause insommnia, I felt terrible on it, couldn't tolerate it for more than a few days. She switched me to Diovan, which I tolerate very well.
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    Now most of the beta blockers they will tell you may make you a bit more tired at first since they slow things down. But I never had that with atenolol.

    It has been great for me. I don't like having the new ones pushed on me either. I prefer one that has been around and proven to be good.
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    Rapid heart rate is one of the many symptoms of Manganese deficiency.
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    No dear, I have never had a problem with this. I basically have wieghed the same for the past 30 years except when I was trying to thin down and did about 25 years ago and was going to the gym/spa 3 times a week. That was prior to taking atenolol.

    My weight has shifted a bit in the past 2 years since I have become so inactive due to FM and arthritis so that I now have a small roll, not excessive, at my waist line.

    In fact, I have been on a chocolate craving thing for several weeks and was surprised last week when I went to the doctor and actually had lost about 4 pounds.

    Is that what you wanted to know Jam?

    I came back to say that though I take it for irregular heartbeat, I also take lisinopryl for my BP too.

    I really can't say I have seen any real change and you can see in my profile pic that I am not much overweight.
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    Hee hee, at my age if I do get a bit of gut I will just say that I guess I earned it. lol

    And if you notice the very thin ladies like my older sister who is real thin, they get the pot belly look.
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  10. msbsgblue

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    Sit ups would rid of mine but my back won't allow me to do this anymore.

    I just don't like my "apron" lol.
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    Hi! I started taking Benicar and Tropol for high blood pressure and rate a couple days ago. The dr and pharmacist said I would be tired and dizzy for about a week and then level out. They were right. I feel like I am walking side-ways. I'm giving it the week before I make the call to the dr.

    Good luck with this. Not fun, I know. The good news for me is by lowering my pressure, my funny beats and skips have almost stopped. I'm wearing a monitor and it probably won't show anything!

    Take Care,

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