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    Hi Beth,
    It is so nice to be off now until after the new year. Last week at work seemed endless. Pain filled mornings, really hard to push myself to work. I don't know what is worse though, when I don't have to work I feel like I'm lying around too much in the a.m. waiting for the a.m. pain level to go down so I can start my day. Work days, I just get up and do it. Kind of like deciding to go swimming in cold water. Just jump in and get it over with or stick your toes in trying to adjust to the water.

    Did you read a lot when you were a kid? I did. I especially loved books about nurses. My favorite was the Sue Barton series by Helen Dore Boyleston. I even bought a few of them on ebay a few years ago to relive my memories of reading them. As an adult, it's amazing to realize how much thosee books brainwashed me. Full of self sacrifice for the patient and lots of hard work for the nurse.

    Maybe that is why you could envision me working into the evening, making sure my notes were all done. HA! Your should have seen my desk when I worked in the middle school, Piled high with papers and records needing notes, because when that dismissal bell rang I was out of there, because if the kids knew you were there, they kept coming. If they got hurt going home from school, they would come back to school to see me instead of going home. Life in the elementary school is much easier.

    When I return to work after the holidays, I go back to the school and out of the administration building. The administrator over our department decided to ask the superintendent if I could stay the rest of the year assisting with some projects. It's such an eleventh-hour move I don't have much hope. I'm kind of worried how I will do performing more physical work. I've been doing a lot of brain work rather than physical work this past year. Well, I'll just have to see.

    Are you all caught up on your holiday preparations? I'm getting close. My husbank bore the brunt of the shopping this year. I'm sure shopping wears you out the same as me. Do you have to travel for the holidays or stay around home?

    Hope you have a nice holiday and enjoy your time off.
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    Whew, it IS wonderful to be home. Actually, my holiday started a day early, as I couldn't get to work on Friday. The mountain pass I drive every day was closed (then open, then closed then open with escorts, then closed...all in the space of about 30 minutes!) because of snow and ice. It would've been a 2 hour drive in nasty conditions, instead of my usual 35 minutes on dry roads. Not worth the wear and tear on this poor old body. So, all the holiday cards I put together and the little banana breads I made are still here with me. Oh, well, so it goes. And darn, I make good banana bread! *g* Now I get two weeks to rest and sleep in.

    We celebrate Hanukkah, so our craziness is long past for this year. On the 25th I am hoping to drive down to see my parents, as my father isn't doing very well, and I really want to see them one on one, without the rest of the family around competing. Hospice care at home has just been set up
    for him, so this really is serious. Not good at all. I figure they won't have any appointments on the 25th, should be a safe day to visit. I'm supposed to be the family medical expert, but I live too far, about 75 miles, to be any real help on a daily basis. I don't mind the drive, as long as it's not during heavy traffic times.

    Yes, the older school kids can be more work than the little ones, and I do miss the sweetness of the elementary kids, especially the kindergartners. They can always brighten any day for me. Unfortunately, all I have is big kids now! I do enjoy them, though, especially since I am at one school and am getting to know them. Some of them I know too well, as they are 'frequent flyers' in my office. It's all part of the job.

    I hope you can keep the administrative job, at least until the weather is warmer and easier on you. It is demanding to work in a health office, although hospital nurses don't believe it. It's demanding in a different way. We do in 9 months what everyone else does in 12. Makes a difference. I attended a seminar last week on liability issues and school nursing, and our union president also attended. We are hoping this will improve our situation by opening her eyes to what we really do in our offices. We'll see what happens.

    We have no major plans this vacation, just to rest and relax and get this house back into livable condition. The clutter has piled up way higher than I can tolerate, but when I'm working I just don't have the energy to deal with it. And my spouse has been working way too much overtime and hasn't been able to deal with it either.

    Happy holidays, I hope you enjoy them and feel wonderful!